The FiLIP smartwatch is set to come to be released on the market and it’s especially for kids. Well at least it looks that way. On closer inspection it seems to be more about the parents needs wrapped in a bright package that kids will love.

The smartwatch is simple enough and doesn’t have a ton of apps on it. However, the watch is far more advanced in other ways compared to other smart watches on the market. The FiLIP actually has the ability to be used as a standalone phone. It can make and receive phone calls without having to use a smartphone.

FiLIP SmartWatch Helps Parents Locate Their Kids

The Highlights

The FiLIP smartwatch for kids is hooked up to a parent’s smartphone via the app. The parent can also configure the 5 numbers that the smartwatch can be used to call and receive calls from. Thos same five numbers can send one way texts to the smartwatch.

Parents can locate their kids with the FiLIP smart watch as it has embedded location via Wi-Fi, GPS and cell tower triangulation. Parents can even set up geographical limits or safe zones for where their children can be. If the child leaves the safe zone the parent is notified and they can call the watch.

One of the best features of the FiLIP smartwatch concentrates on the child’s safety. In case of emergency, the child can press the emergency button and hold it for longer than 3 seconds. This action will trigger a chain of reactions.

  1. The smartwatch will send a text to the pre-arranged 5 numbers that the parent configured with a location of where the watch is.
  2. The watch will record the ambient sounds to help other people know where they are.
  3. The watch will call each of the five numbers. If the fist number doesn’t answer then the watch will move on to the next. This will continue until all five numbers have been called or somebody answers the phone.
  4. The phone will call the emergency services if nobody else has picked up the phone.

Where To Get One

The FiLIP smartwatch comes in 4 colors but nobody knows how much it costs or what kind of data and call plan the watch will come with. It’s thought that the watch itself won’t exceed $200 and the plans will be sensible so as not to create pressure on the family finances.

[Image via Gigaom]