Singing Machine Home has more or less created a hole in the market that many of us may not have thought about, but with the appearance of this machine, realize that it was there all along. The traditional home karaoke machine is great fun but rarely put to use as often as its manufacturers would like. It’s a perpetual circle really; the fact the karaoke machine isn’t used means it’s banished to the store cupboard which means it’s not used very often because it’s not easily accessible. The Singing Machine Home changes all of this.

Singing Machine Home:Most Usable Home Karaoke Machine Ever?

Multi-Use Singing Machine

The home karaoke machine is actually a Bluetooth speaker. Or is the Bluetooth speaker actually a karaoke machine? The truth is that the two are interchangeable. The stylish Singing Machine Home can be left on the side to function as a Bluetooth speaker to blast out your latest favorite playlist via your smartphone. But then when the mood hits to sing the Grease soundtrack, you can simply connect the singing Machine Home to the television with a HDMI and use Wi-Fi to access 8,000 songs on Singing Machine Play. Once you have selected your song, or songs (you can select several at once and put them in a playlist so you can have back to back sing-alongs without having to pause to find your song again) with the remote, you can then start to sing along (using the remote as a microphone now) to your heart’s content. The point is, there is always a genuine use for the Singing Machine Home so it will never sit gathering dust like every other home karaoke machine.

Singing Machine Specs

The machine is completely portable so you can take it to a friend’s house and move the party there should you want to. But the slightly bulky size of it will mean that most people will leave it where it is.

The karaoke/Bluetooth speaker is 11.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. The smooth, large pebble like case houses a small subwoofer which should give fairly good audio quality. The speaker switches from being all about the audio to creating music videos as soon as it is connected to the TV.

When Is It Available

The singing Machine Home is expected to be released late October, 2013 at the price of $300. Users will obtain a free trial for the Singing Machine Play catalogue of songs at the time of purchase but they will later have to pay for the subscription. It’s not known how much subscription will be yet.

The machine will be on sale from the Singing Machine Website and Best Buy.

[Image via Noticebrd]