We just heard about the update to Microsoft Web Apps, which gives it a fighting chance against Google and its online suite of tools. Now, from the other end, there is also a new development: Google Apps will no longer support Internet Explorer 9.


Last week, the Google Apps blog made the official announcement regarding the discontinuation of support:

Google’s test plans have been adjusted to now stop all testing and engineering work related to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), as Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) was released on 17 October 2013. End users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services from an unsupported browser will be notified within the next few weeks through an in-product notification message or an interstitial pages with information about modern browsers and how to upgrade to them.

It may sound dire, but it really is not the end of the world. After all, with IE11 being out, who still uses IE9? I know, there are probably still a lot of people who have not upgraded to the latest edition of Internet Explorer, but it’s not like the clock has not been ticking for a while.

Change has been in the air for Windows users. Not too long ago, Microsoft said goodbye to Windows XP, urging their customers to do the same. Many users – individuals and businesses alike – are already migrating to Windows 7, if not Windows 8.

As the announcement states, users who are still on IE9 will receive notifications whenever they access Google Apps. These notifications will point the way to the appropriate upgrades. Needless to say, even those using other browsers such as Mozilla will receive those updates if they are using outdated versions.

The lesson here is simple: update your browser to the latest stable iteration whenever possible. It saves you the hassle and/or time pressure down the road.

Here’s more information on browsers supported by Google Apps.

I wonder – does anyone here still use IE9?

[Image via SNC Computer Repair]