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It has been no secret just how disappointed I was – am – with my Pebble, so much so that I am selling it... Will Pebble’s New Update Make It More Appealing?

It has been no secret just how disappointed I was – am – with my Pebble, so much so that I am selling it to anyone who’ll take it. I have to admit, however, that I probably am just not the type to wear a smartwatch with limited capabilities. Sure, it’s cool to know who’s calling you, who just sent you an email, and what notification Facebook/Twitter has for you – all without having to take your phone out. My lifestyle and workflow simply does not need all that information.


That being said, something just might change my mind! Last week, Pebble released a major update. The update covers a lot of ground, including:

  • better integration with iOS 7 – this means better delivery of notifications
  • new SDK with additional APIs
  • new support for Bluetooth LE (of course only for compatible devices).

Perhaps the most notable change for this update is the way Pebble is more integrated into iOS 7. It has been said more than once before that the Pebble offers a much better experience for those using Android, so this integration may very well be the clincher for not-so-satisfied iOS users.

Basically, with the better integration, Pebble users can receive practically every notification that their iOS phone has – third party apps and system apps alike. So, if you’re really into monitoring every thing that is going on, this Pebble update will certainly make the smartwatch more enticing.

What about the new SDK? This is exciting, as SDK 2.0 supports accelerometer data, among others. Think about all those fitness bands – they rely on this type of data. With SDK 2.0 allowing this, I can see the Pebble going one step further and really becoming part of one’s daily routine.

How about Bluetooth LE? The idea is that this will help preserve the battery life of the device.

Wrap up

On paper, this update makes the Pebble more interesting. In reality, we will have to see if the update makes such a marked, practical different and convert one into a believer.

Have you updated your Pebble? How’s your experience?

[Image via Anandtech]