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Facebook has had a ‘No posts to show’ bug, late last week, which the company were aware of but no fix was made available... Facebook “No Posts” Bug Affecting Users

Facebook has had a ‘No posts to show’ bug, late last week, which the company were aware of but no fix was made available immediately, leaving users to wait and see until after the weekend for their solution.  The company did not give a reason for the error, which in layman’s terms, means the solution was one of wait and see what happens.

FB Bug

This recent Facebook bug claimed that there are “No posts to show” on a lot of users’ newsfeeds.  It was making some users seem like they are leading, shall we say, not so interesting lives.  The blank newsfeed glitch displayed the “No posts” message along with a “Find Friends” button.  This happens whether they have 10 friends or 10,000 “friends.”  This error message had confused a number of users of the social network, who then took to Twitter to express their vexation.

“Facebook has broken. Says there are no posts to show and wants me to find friends. This is sadder than it should be right [now],” tweeted Darkbander.

So far, it appeared to only have affected users of the desktop web version of Facebook, with smart-phone and tablets apps able to access the normal newsfeed.  The complaints were extended to Facebook’s own troubleshooting pages, where users were not able to find a solution to their problems.

Interesting to note is the fact that some of the troubleshooting threads were created up to six months ago.  This obviously means that this bug has reared its head before.  The threads have been filled with new posts from the last several hours, with users asking for tips on how to remedy the problem, as they fear that their posts have been wiped clean.

“When I go to see my newsfeed, it says that there are no posts to display, then suggests I find friends.” wrote frustrated Facebook user Kristen Fraser on the support forums.  “I, of course, have friends. All my groups can be accessed. Chats can be accessed. Friends can be accessed. Just not my news feed.”

This Facebook glitch has had users searching ‘No posts to show’ Help, but until today, no information from the social network Giant was posted to assist in this bizarre error.  “A small number of people had trouble loading News Feed content earlier today. The issue is resolved, and we apologize for any inconvenience,” a Facebook spokesperson has said.

It didn’t help the frustrated users over the weekend though Facebook did it?

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