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If you are familiar with my work, no doubt you will realise I love coffee.  I have said it before and I will say... Lavazza Creates A Portable Espresso Machine

If you are familiar with my work, no doubt you will realise I love coffee.¬† I have said it before and I will say it again, ¬†“I love it”.¬† Anything to do with that wonderful liquid makes your ears prick up with excitement and no doubt half the world’s population will agree with me?

As you will be well aware, there are many different coffee drinks available to choose from and sometimes, particularly first thing in the morning, you would just love to have that strong coffee, the wake me up java juice, right on tap, wouldn’t you?¬† Well, it appears as though your wish has come true as you can now make an Italian espresso, in your car, while out and about.


Lavazza’s A Modo Mio Espressgo portable coffee maker will brew Italian espresso using your car’s lighter socket.¬† Coffee machine manufacturer Lavazza has launched the new product; a portable capsule coffee machine that brews “the perfect espresso,” whether you’re travelling to work or off on a road trip.

The¬†A¬†Modo Mio¬†Espressgo will fit into a standard cup holder and creates a flask of Lavazza espressos in less than 2 minutes using the¬†12V cigarette lighter¬†socket. There are 10¬†different Modo Mio¬†espresso blends available, each containing a 7-8g serving of coffee, so even coffee connoisseurs, like me, can find a rich flavour to suit them.¬† Flavours include; Le Selezioni Divinamente, Appassionatamente and Caff√® Crema Lungo Dolcement. The espresso blends come in capsules like the Keurig capsules. A pack contains 16 and costs ¬£3.89. The full range of Lavazza A¬†Modo Mio¬†capsules is available at Lavazza’s website and Selfridges.

The A¬†Modo Mio¬†Espressgo is available from 8 December at Lavazza’s website at a cost of ¬£129.99.¬† The starter kit includes a carry bag, 16 A¬†Modo Mio coffee¬†capsules and a measuring cup.¬† The product will also be available on sale for ¬£89 from this Christmas until 5 January at Lavazza and¬†Selfridges, respectively. ¬†Enjoy.

[Image via italiabrand]