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I like comics.  I mean I’m not a massive fan, but I do like the occasional comic book hero story.  In fact, I’m going... Marvel Unlimited iOS App $0.99

I like comics.  I mean I’m not a massive fan, but I do like the occasional comic book hero story.  In fact, I’m going to my first Comic Con in a couple of weeks time with a good friend of mine who used to do work for Marvel.  If you like comics or want to unleash your nerdy side and get a bit more updated on Spiderman the like, then the new Marvel Unlimited app for iOS and Android is right up your alley!

The available titles from Marvel’s archives span the comic books creators’ 75-year history and should include everything from classics like Marvel Comics No1 to more recent titles such as the Marvel Now line of comics.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel are offering the comics to customers for a once only fee of $0.99(a massively reduced rate), to access the comics during March 2014 as a promotion for the companys at SXSW. After this time the subscription service to Marvel Unlimited will rise to the usual fee.

Marvel’s VP of digital product Kristin Vincent said, “We just really wanted to unlock the vault and hand over the keys in a way that allows both super-fans and people who are just curious what it’s all about to check out why people love this stuff so much…It allows people to jump around wherever they want and get access to these classic story lines that have become part of our pop culture and also learn more about the characters they are seeing on the big screen.”

The Marvel Unlimited app can allow users to download up to 12 comics per time to their personal library and that enables them to read the comics offline at their leisure.

Following the March promotion, fans may continue their subscription at a price, to Marvel Unlimited for $9.99 per month or $69 for a year for the basic plan.  Or if you are a massive comic book fan you can pay $99 for a year for Marvel’s premium plan, Marvel Unlimited Plus (US only).   The high-end package allows members to access additional discounts on Marvel products and gain a first look into the latest Marvel news.

Marvel Unlimited is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Fans may access the offer on Marvel’s website up until March 14, by using the promo code SXSW99.

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