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A recent survey of US consumers found that the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever! If the number of rumors and... iPhone 6 Rumors & Release Date

A recent survey of US consumers found that the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever! If the number of rumors and leaked images are anything to go by then that could be the case the world over but thanks to Apple’s desire to keep pace with the plethora of Android devices out there and to keep Apple fans happy,  we can be sure that the wait will be worth it. Here is a round up of all the news and rumors that we know of so far.

Screen Size

The rumors have been circling for some time now that there will not be one model released but two, or more specifically two different sized handsets. As the supposed evidence keeps piling up, it is looking like this is a certain possibility. There have been lots of claims that we will see a 4.7-inch released alongside a bigger 5.7-inch. One source even suggested that there will be a QHD 5.5-inch screen but that is such a big jump from the current model that it seems very unlikely.

iPhone 6

What does seem a dead certainty is that whether we see one or two sizes released, the iPhone 6 will be thinner thanks to advances in LED backlight technology. It has been suggested that the new model will be just 6mm, that’s 1.5mm less than the iPhone 5. However if that is the case then the question begs to be asked – will it have a complete name change? When Apple slimmed down the iPad, it decided to go with the name iPad Air, so could the next model actually be named the iPhone Air? We’ll have to wait and see on that one of course.

In order to improve the quality of the display, Apple is reported to be looking into quantum dot technology. Quantum dots are man-made nanoparticles of semiconductor material that are used to create light. To put it simply, the size of these dots affect the behaviour, so smaller dots are closer to the blue end of the light spectrum, whilst larger dots are closer to the red end. By fine tuning and working with specific dot sizes, it is possible to achieve more accurate colours. This technology is already being used in the Kindle Fire HDX, so it will be interesting to see if it shows up in the iPhone 6.

Another interesting piece of news is that it appears Apple has signed up for using large amounts of sapphire glass in its displays. By using this super-tough technology in its screens, Apple would definitely be helping to eradicate the problem of screen repairs, which is really common with its products.


It is very likely that there will be something new and different as far as design goes, especially because this is a new model and not just a half-step ‘S’ model. Rumor has it that Apple is taking inspiration from the iPhone 5C and the iPod Nano, which was released back in 2012. As we’ve already reported, leaked images from Foxconn show a curvier casing, which is something closer in looks to the 5C and Nano. It would appear that a range of colours is also something we could be offered by Apple. Macotakara, the Japanese blog, claims that Apple wants to have a range of colours like we saw with the 5C model but rather than them being plastic, it is likely that they will be made of something similar to anodise aluminium,  as was the case with the iPod Nano.

iPod Nano

Could the iPhone 6 be similar in appearance to the iPod Nano?

Another rumor claims that the iPhone 6 will have a slightly curved display, which will sit flush with the chassis, with the casing itself also being slightly curved.


With all those rumors of a bigger size, it is only natural that we all conclude that there will be a bigger camera too. Although we may see a 12 or 13-megapixel camera, what is more interesting is new technology that Apple may well incorporate into the iPhone 6 camera.

For example the new model may well have optical image stabilization (OIS), which reduces shake and improves image quality in low-light conditions.  Another idea that Apple is looking at for low-light conditions, is to use two camera sensors. By using a sensor for colour and another for light, it is possible to capture more information and therefore, better photos.

Apple has also been granted a patent for a lightfield camera. This allows you to re-focus shots after they have been taken. It captures light fields rather than just 2D captures of a moment and so allows you to further improve your pictures.


I think we all know that the iPhone 6 is not going to come cheap but some analysts have gone as far to say that it will be $100 more expensive than the iPhone 5S. It could be that with the release of two models, we see the smaller one being priced at the same cost of the current model, while the price hike is reserved for the new ‘phablet’ sized model. More information will surface on this as the release date nears I’m sure.

Release Date

Historically Apple have released new models in September, so the iPhone 6 is tipped to be unveiled later this year, along with iOS 8 and the iWatch. However, rumors have also speculated that we could see it as early as May, June or July, though personally I think that is unlikely.

Of course everything we have looked at here is only speculation and no one knows for sure what the iPhone 6 will look like or what new functionality it will have but you can be sure that as the news comes in, we will keep you up to date!

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