HTC could be making a return to Windows Phone, after two years away from the mobile platform. Microsoft and HTC will be holding a press event in New York City on August 19, most likely to announce the HTC One running Windows Phone 8.1.


This is the first time HTC has released a device since the 8X failed to take off, despite Microsoft putting it as the flagship for Windows Phone. It looks like somehow Microsoft has swooned various OEM partners back to Windows Phone, including Samsung, ZTE and LG.

The HTC One running Windows Phone will not change much from the original HTC One M8 on Android. According to leaks, HTC will keep all of the same specs, including the 5-inch full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and 32/64GB of internal storage.

Even some of the HTC branded features will remain on the Windows Phone version, like Boomsound front facing speakers and the Ultrapixel camera. Windows Phone 8.1 will take away some of HTC’s software features, like the Sense UI skin available on Android.

For the most part, this seems excellent for Windows Phone fans. Currently, the Nokia Lumia 1020 was the last feature flagship without an enormous size, and fans are waiting for a great competitor to challenge Nokia, now owned by Microsoft.

HTC has a sound reputation on Android for excellent build quality and specs. Perhaps they do not market their phones as well as Samsung, but the people who buy them are certainly more satisfied.

We hope all of this commitment to beefing up the OEM partners active on Windows Phone works out for the third place mobile platform. Currently, the only currently vaguely interested in WP is Italy, with over 10 percent of the population buying low-end Lumia devices.