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Facebook Says “Sorry” For Year In Review Feature
If you’ve been on Facebook for more than five seconds in the past couple of weeks, you’ve undoubtedly been pestered to check out your “year in review”. This feature, which Facebook seems to tout at the end of every year, allows you to get a quick snapshot of the... Read more
Man Buys PS4 At Walmart & Gets A Box Of Rocks
I’ve bought plenty of video game consoles from the store in my day, including a Nintendo Gamecube, an Xbox, a PS2, and Xbox 360, etc; I know well the feelings of anticipation brought on by such a purchase. You can’t wait to get home to unbox it, hook it... Read more
Should Video Games Be An Olympic Event?
The Olympic games are home to some pretty diverse sports, but they all have something to do with some kind of physical activity – in other words, athletes have to train for months and years and follow a strict regimen before they’re ready to compete in the games. A... Read more
Apple Reverse Airplay Patented
The ability to stream your content from your tablet computer or your Smartphone to your TV is, needless to say, very cool. Whether you accomplish this through a media usb stick or have a dedicated server running specific software, the effect is fundamentally the same. One of the main reasons... Read more
Check Out Google’s First Self-Driving Car!
Earlier in the year, pictures and reports of a self-driving car from Google hit the internet in force, resulting in excitement from many, while it left others scratching their heads wondering what they were looking at. To be honest, the pictures were more prototype than anything else, but the... Read more
Marriott Hotel Chain WiFi Block: Microsoft And Google Oppose
Both Google and Microsoft have filed objections to a petition to grant hoteliers the right to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots whilst on their premises. Two of the biggest technology companies, Google and Microsoft, are amongst firms who have made known their objections to the plan. They note the illegality of... Read more
Staples: The Latest Major Retailer Hacked
2014 has not been a good year for retailers. Every month it seems, another store is reporting that they’ve been hacked and that a ton of their customer’s personal information could have been leaked out to hackers. Earlier this year it was Target reporting that their POS system had... Read more
No Console Required: Samsung And Sony Team Up For Playstation Now Service
The ability to play Playstation games has, up until now, always necessitated a Sony Playstation console. With the advent of Playstation Now, the console is no longer required to play some Playstation titles. Sony have collaborated with Samsung to bring the game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to Samsung Smart... Read more
Drone Industry & FAA Want To Make Drones Safer
It turns out a lot of drones are surprisingly affordable and popular right now, with hobbyists and amateurs alike. With the increase in drone activity, it has become necessary for the FAA to work in conjunction with the drone industry to make sure anyone who’s flying a drone is... Read more
Apple Creates iTunes Tumblr Blog
This week Apple has launched a Tumblr blog for iTunes. The ‘blog’ is a highly customized theme, which closely reflects Apple’s own website rather than a typical Tumblr page. The page features music, movies, TV and book content. The individual posts consist of images, videos and animated GIFs of... Read more
Samsung Produces 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM
LPDDR memories are the most widely used “working memory” for mobile devices across the globe and Samsung Electronics announced this week they have started mass producing the industry’s first 8 gigabit (Gb), low power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4) mobile DRAM that is based upon the company’s leading-edge 20-nanometer... Read more
This Power Pen Writes & Charges Your Phone!
It seems like I’m going through my iPhone battery a lot faster than usual as of late, and I’m not sure why. I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary, and it seems like whenever I need to charge my phone I’m not in a convenient place to do... Read more
Need An Old Style Start Menu In Windows 8? Checkout StartW8
StartW8 is a free but very powerful tool for Windows 8 users. Do you prefer classic desktop to a modern UI? Would you like to logon directly to desktop? With StartW8 you can use Start menu for running your apps or anything else that you can do with a... Read more
Snapchat Clones Disappear From Windows Phone, Real Version Coming?
Snapchat is starting to crack down on third-party apps, after the SnapSaved incident where thousands of photos were leaked onto the internet. Windows Phone has been the first targeted, with Snapchat removing almost all third-party apps using its API. Snapchat is legally allowed to push for removal, due to... Read more
North Korea Calls Obama A “Monkey” After Internet Outage
President Obama has probably been called a lot of things since he took office, but I’ve not heard him referred to as a “monkey” until recently, and that insult comes at the hands of North Korea. Tensions have run high between the U.S. and North Korea since Sony Pictures... Read more
Magnetic Mobile System Clipless Available For Online Purchase
They Innovate launched  a successful Kickstarter funded on July 6 2013, has finally made its way onto the online market. Clipless, a magnetic system, allows users to clip their smartphone or tablet onto any type of clothing or wall with relative ease. The Kickstarter raised $43,890, almost double the... Read more
Watch This Kangaroo Knock A Drone Out Of The Sky
I don’t own a drone (I wish I did), but I can imagine just how tempting it would be to film anything and everything, including animals in their natural habitats. A drone offers the possibility to capture all kinds of footage not possible with handheld cameras. After all, there... Read more
Apple Released Auto Update To Fix Security Issue
In the recent wake of news regarding a security flaw that was located in the NTP, Apple has issued their first automatic security update for Mac OS computers. Is this another case of too little too late?after all, researchers are warning about new bugs all the time. Previous to... Read more