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WinPatrol Update Makes This Threat Remover Even Better
Typical antivirus and antimalware software platforms all work in a pretty similar way. They scan your hard drive and look for any potential threats, then offer to clean out or remove those threats. The problem with this method of protection is that it can take a while, and can... Read more
Red Hat – Software Partnership Shakes Up Mobile Software Market
How’s a company supposed to keep expanding when they’re already king of the Linux server mountain? Develop a new mobile software stack, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP), and partner up with the world’s leading Android smartphone vendor, Samsung. Red Hat doesn’t intend to become just another Android app... Read more
Check Out The New Software On FileHippo
From updates for the greatest software titles to new releases (even those still in beta), FileHippo brings you the best in highly capable and functional downloads. With everything from entertainment to workplace platforms, the options for making your life easier and just more fun are endless! Check out the... Read more
Four Major IFTTT Updates Released
IFTTT is well-known far and wide for their automated tasking applications and  services, but they’re consistent with more than just internet recipes. The popular developer has recently updated all of their apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store, so prepare for a lot of notifications the... Read more
Viber Communication Tool Gets An Update
There are countless ways to communicate using your tech devices, and Viber just might be the most fun way. It’s free to use when making calls, chatting, or sending files to other Viber users, no matter where they are. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t Skype already do that?” and... Read more
GitHub Competitor, Cloud Source Repositories, Launched By Google
Earlier this year Google closed down its own project hosting site, Google Code, in an assumed move to let GitHub and BitBucket to become the dominate code sharing and publishing services, otherwise known as social networking for programmers. However, the move away from project hosting only a lasted for... Read more
New Software Titles Hit FileHippo
What’s the latest at FileHippo? Plenty! In addition to all the great updates for software our users have enjoyed for a long time, each week the team adds brand-new titles directly from the developers. Take a look at these new titles, and head over to FileHippo to try them... Read more
LibreOffice Vanilla Makes Its Mac App Store Debut
LibreOffice is officially available in the Mac App Store for the first time ever. After years of manual installs and updates the open source office suite can now be downloaded by Apple users with the perks of automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and support options. Known as LibreOffice Vanilla, the... Read more
Notepad++ Is Changing Code And Changing The World
If you owned a computer any time on the 1980s, you probably used Notepad and you were probably blown away by its amazing features. Then Word came along, and you promptly forgot that Windows machines even come with Notepad. Unless you’re writing code, that is. Notepad++, based on C++,... Read more
Dropbox Releases Refreshing New Android App
This week, Dropbox released a refreshing new version of its Android app. The all new Dropbox 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play. If you don’t see it in your Play store yet, don’t worry, the company said it’s “rolling out over the next few days.” The app has... Read more
BlueStacks App Player Takes Your Mobile Apps To Your PC
Are you a Candy Crushaholic? Can’t get enough of Ruzzle Adventure or Farm Heroes Saga? Join the club. But are you also tired of draining your battery or trying to activate the controls on the tiny touchscreen? Then you’d probably like to play those same addictive games (or use... Read more
Differential Backups Come To Macrium Reflect Free
Backing up your PC is always a good idea. It’s the ideal way to protect your important files from data issues, hardware failure, and  virus attacks. If you use a simple file-based backup system, it’ll be quick, but mostly because you’ll be leaving a lot behind: browser favorites, contacts,... Read more
What’s The Latest Software On FileHippo?
Each week, FileHippo brings users the latest in new software and software updates in order to ensure maximum compatibility and functionality. Whether its work tools to make your office and business run better or entertainment tools to help you get the most out of your connectivity, the top names... Read more
Free Studio: One Of The Best Gets Better
If you’ve taken a peek around the FileHippo site, you may have noticed a pretty cool truth: our users are fairly discerning when it comes to what they like and don’t like in software. Some of the top names in applications may only have an average rating from our... Read more
Your iPhone Has A Security Problem
Both your iPhone and Mac have a big fat security flaw that will allow hackers to to steal passwords, including bank login information. Despite knowing that this problem has existed since October 2014, Apple has yet to address the problem. This news comes just one day after it was... Read more
Look What’s New On FileHippo
At FileHippo, we take software seriously. Very seriously. That’s why we work to bring you the greatest new programs, as well as all the up-to-date releases of your old favorites. Here’s a look at some of the programs that are new to the site this week: Office 2013 Service... Read more
WebAssembly Created By Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, And Apple
The news first broke last week via Ars Technica that engineers at Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple have joined forces in an effort to create WebAssembly, a bytecode for browsers of the future that teases over 20 times faster performance. There have been multiple efforts in the past to... Read more
Duqu 2.0 Infects Kaspersky Labs Using Stolen Foxconn Certificate
Kaspersky Labs has recently come under attack from a highly sophisticated malware program, Duqu 2.0, which used a stolen Foxconn certificate to infiltrate the security firm. Foxconn is a Taiwanese firm that manufacturers hardware for a lot of major companies including Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Google. The Foxconn certificate... Read more