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First, let it be stated for the record: there is no such thing as a simple software that will keep your children from finding... Metronomos Update Puts Parents In Control

First, let it be stated for the record: there is no such thing as a simple software that will keep your children from finding offensive or inappropriate content online. Anyone who tells you that a single download will let your children roam freely without your supervision is either delusional or is intentionally out to deceive you. But having said that, there are programs like Metronomos that go a long way towards putting some measure of security and parental control on the home computer.

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When most people read articles about internet pornography rings, black market websites, and seedy bastions of crime, their first reactions may be confusion. They sure don’t know how to find those things! But headlines this week have included the plea deal for Jared from Subway for child pornography found on his computer, the bombshell that an outspoken critic of the LGBTQ community was one of the names released in the AshleyMadison hacking, even the news that the Silk Road trial is concluding and that extortionists are demanding Bitcoin from AshleyMadison members to keep their names private.

What’s a concerned but uninformed parent to do?

There are parental control software options that do everything from track histories to block offensive content to preventing whole websites from appearing on your home computers. Some of them even turn on and off with a simple password so that children are blocked during their use, but adults can roam freely without fear that their kids will later see their content.

A new update released today from Metronomos offers parents more than just a Big Brother-style security system. The beauty of this software is in its ability to help curb computer time, something the American Academy of Pediatrics is already supporting, and the capability of scheduling computer use that so that one sibling doesn’t “hog” the computer. Best of all, it has an easy interface for parents who may not be the most tech savvy but who are certain their children are!

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