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5 Software Titles You Should Have Been Using In 2015
Everybody loves “free.” They love things that make our lives easier. And most people even love software. So what’s better than free software that makes our lives easier? Chocolate! No wait. Free productivity software! Here’s a look at some personal favorites when it comes to free, freemium, or dirt-cheap... Read more
My top 5 Free Software titles of 2015
It’s been a good year for Free Software, and I knows that I do like me some good free software. This year, like every year at FileHippo we’ve done our best to bring you, the people of internet the best free software available. I’ll be honest with you, I... Read more
US Govt Mandates New Software Regulations
In a time when most experts are arguing against further government crackdown and regulations, the federal government has announced new mandates that will actually add increased regulations on software, at least for titles that government agencies will use. In a document with the pointlessly long name “Category Management Policy... Read more
What Google Saw During Its Year In Search: Mostly Violent, and no Kim Kardashian
Google has released its annual Year In Search. Well, its either been a good year or a bad year depending on how 2015 went for you. For me it was pretty good all in. It was my first full year of being self employed as a fulltime freelancing digital... Read more
Software Glitch Sends Freed Inmates Back To Prison
One concept in many judicial systems is the idea of “time off for good behavior.” While this is typically decided on an individual basis–with some crimes not allowing for even the possibility of this–other situations have mandated schedules by which an inmate can earn an earlier release. Sometimes it’s... Read more
My Favorite FileHippo News Articles Of 2015
Well, look at that. It’s almost the end of 2015, and it’s getting really close to that time when my wife will force me to close the lid on the laptop until January of 2016 or she will ‘break it over my head,’ if I don’t. Tis the season... Read more
The Murky Waters Of Software Patents
India has announced a hold on plans to clarify the software patent process within the country, a move that has both critics and supporters up in arms. In one camp, patent supporters argue that the investment in a new piece of software has to be protected both financially and... Read more
Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited To US Rules New Zealand Court
A New Zealand court has ruled that internet entrepreneur Kim “MegaUpload” Dotcom can be considered eligible for extradition to the United States to face multiple charges. The 39-year-old German national, whose real name is Kim Schmitz, said “I’m disappointed,” to reporters outside the courtroom after the judgement. Dotcom stands... Read more
Yahoo To Warn Users Who Are Targeted By State-Sponsored Hackers
Yahoo is to begin warning users if they become the  targets of state-sponsored hackers. The company has become the latest Tech firm, behind Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to warn users of state attacks. “We’ll provide these specific notifications so that our users can take appropriate measures to protect their... Read more
Oracle Settles With FTC Over Faulty Java Security
It’s a case of good news/bad news for software developer Oracle. In its recent legal woes with the federal government, the company was charged with knowingly putting out software with glaring security flaws. Fortunately, in this particular instance, the Federal Trade Commission didn’t go after massive fines or even... Read more
Ordinary Computers Will Be Safe From Quantum Computer Hacking
German research engineers have successfully managed to develop what they think will protect regular computers from the future danger of Quantum computer hacker attacks. The scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) are in the middle of working toward the practical application of current technology to defend “data against threats of... Read more
Sanrio Investigates Hello Kitty Breach
Hackers are at it again, once more taking aim at children’s identifying information by breaching a major-name children’s brand. Sanrio, the Japan-based owners of Hello Kitty and several similar characters, was notified that a few of their websites were compromised by outsiders who nabbed the information from as many... Read more
World’s First Ever Web Page Went Online 25 Years Ago This Week
The World’s first ever website turned 25 years old this week. Just in case you’re interested as well, I feel I should point out that this makes it the oldest web page in history.  In internet terms of time that makes it almost as old as the dinosaurs, but... Read more
Juniper Network Data Breach Compromises VPNs
In a recent announcement, Juniper Network acknowledged that its team had found unauthorized code in some of its software, meaning a back door had been left wide open for hackers who would presumably cover their tracks. This code may have compromised users’ VPNs, and has prompted the FBI to... Read more
Grindr Dates Targeted And Robbed At Knifepoint.
UK Police have issued a warning that an armed gang is using the dating app Grindr to rob unsuspecting men in London. At least two worrying incidents have taken place in the UK city of London by the users of the dating app “Grindr.” A gang of four men made... Read more
Martin Shkreli Twitter Account Hacked?
Everybody’s favorite hedge fund whipping boy just keeps taking his punches. The internet collectively celebrated last week with the news that Martin Shkreli had been arrested for some financial shenanigans, a fitting outcome to one of the most hated men of 2015. After the self-proclaimed “pharma bro” (make that... Read more
Foxit Reader Takes On Big Names In PDF Software
There’s little doubt that PDFs are such an integrated part of our connected lives that there’s a real need for quality software for the medium. Unfortunately, there are only a few major developers in document software, and they’ve become such household names in their industries that it’s easy to... Read more
China President Xi Jinping Calls For Cyber Sovereign Internet
President Xi sent out mixed messages last Wednesday when he asserted that China had a right to a ‘sovereign internet,’ free from cyber hegemony in a speech that also justified China’s online censorship. In the speech, made at the 2nd annual World Internet Conference in the Southern Chinese city of... Read more