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All the power of CCleaner, now available from your browser! CCleaner Cloud is the new cloud version of the legendary application. And like the... CCleaner Cloud: Even Better Than Before

All the power of CCleaner, now available from your browser!

CCleaner Cloud is the new cloud version of the legendary application. And like the original, has all the features any regular user of CCleaner will instantly recognize, but also a number of new ones that serve only to enhance what was already a smashing little program.

ccleaner cloud


Perhaps the biggest difference between CCleaner, and CCleaner Cloud is the fact that the control center now runs via your internet browser. What this means, is that all of a sudden taking care of multiple computers with CCleaner need no longer be the time consuming task it used to be, especially for businesses and overworked IT departments.

Instantly familiar

The CCleaner bit of CCleaner Cloud is pretty much the same as the standard desktop version, and works in the same fashion as well, allowing you clean the registry, uninstall programs, and get rid of all the junk that Windows likes to accumulate over time.

CCleaner Cloud also allows you to monitor and manage the optimization of lots of machines. Being able to remotely install apps, clean junk files and defragment several PCs all at once from the same interface. The web interface is also highly intuitive.


Easy setup

Installing and using CCleaner Cloud is straightforward and doesn’t take much time, but you do need to create an account via the website, install the 6MB agent, and confirm the email address you gave.

I found adding the Windows computers on my network to CCleaner remotely, an easy and simple task. One of the really nice features of CCleaner Cloud is the fact that not only is the default CCleaner utility available, but there’s also ready access to Degraggler, and Speccy; two of Piriform’s other workhorse programs. Remote defragging operations worked seamlessly, including removable devices, which while maybe obvious, is still a nice touch.

CCleaner Cloud also keeps track of all the events and actions that have been performs and sends email notifications, so you have a handy history of everything you’ve done. This sounds like a simple feature, but can be incredibly powerful! For example, you can be alerted when a drive is running out space, when certain errors occur, and so on.


The cloud version of CCleaner also works, and can be deployed to all Windows versions back to XP SP2, though I was unable to confirm this because my old XP machine may finally just have gone to Silicon heaven. Piriform do claim to only offer limited support for Windows 10 at present, but it seemed to work flawlessly on my 2 Windows 10 laptops. The only other requirements needed are at least 512MB of RAM and a fairly recent browser.

There are three editions available, and the Free version allows you to look after 3 machines remotely. You can also gain full access to the other editions via a free 14-day trial.

ccleaner cloud 3

Final Words:

CCleaner Cloud is a very handy and useful tool to have on your machines. Making the jump to the cloud has only served to put Piriform ahead of its rivals, once again.

You can sign up for CCleaner Cloud here.