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CCleaner has been around for a long time, and over that length of time, has managed to carve out a solid reputation for itself.... CCleaner: Fast, Powerful, Essential

CCleaner has been around for a long time, and over that length of time, has managed to carve out a solid reputation for itself. This is one of the few programs that has a permanent space reserved for itself on all of my machines. There’s not really a lot that I can add to that. It takes a few seconds to download, doesn’t hog all your system resources once its installed, and has been designed with ease of use in mind.


CCleaner is one of the best tools available for optimizing your system. The nice thing about that statement is that although there are 2 pay-to-use versions available, the free version that we’re talking about today, is still better than pretty much most of the other paid versions out there. Not only that, as the years go by, the devs at Piriform just keep on making it better.

Right. But how does it work?

Despite what Microsoft would have you believe, Windows isn’t perfect. The OS collects unused files, documents and general bits of garbage here and there, that over time, take up space on your hard drive and just sit there, making your computer slower, and slower. CCleaner solves that with just one click.

In essence, CCleaner is a utility program that improves and optimizes the performance of your machine by cleaning and optimizing your system. Some people unfairly refer to CCleaner as just a ‘registry cleaner,’ which in fairness, is one of its major plus points.

Taking care of Registry Business

CCleaner does a great job cleaning up your registry, ridding it of all those cluttered errors and broken settings which can lead to crashes. The patented CCleaner registry cleaner keeps your registry lean and fit for purpose.

Oil change?

As cool as that is, it would be much more accurate to refer to CCleaner as a ‘system cleaner.’ As well as the widely lauded registry cleaner aspect, CCleaner gets rid of all those extra redundant files that pile up over time allowing your Windows machine to maximize useful hard drive space, and also run faster.

Easier to stay safe online

This feature is a really good reason to have CCleaner on your machine even if it seems to be running nice and fast; keeping you that little bit safer online.

It’s no secret that websites and online advertisers track your online behaviour with cookies that take up residence on your computer. Hackers can also use this information should they get access to your machine. CCleaner makes it harder for these third parties to know anything about you, by erasing your browser search history and cookies so that any internet browsing you do stays with you and remains confidential because there’s nothing for them to find.

CCleaner has just made things even safer thanks to the latest update. Version 5.15.5513 comes with updated Google Chrome cleaning and improved cookie detection for Firefox, as well as a host of other enhanced features.

 Make sure you download the latest version of CCleaner now, here!