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NoMachine is a remote desktop utility designed for people of all skill levels. The ability to connect to other PC’s and devices legitimately has... Remote Connecting Made Easy With NoMachine

NoMachine is a remote desktop utility designed for people of all skill levels.

The ability to connect to other PC’s and devices legitimately has been around for a long time. But having used several other similar based programs such as TeamViewer, No Machine is the one I’ve managed to pick up the quickest.

No Machine

That’s because not only is it an effective little program, it’s also incredibly well designed, and easy on the eyes. The most striking thing about NoMachine is how good it looks compared to some of its competitors.

As well as that the step by step guide walks details everything you need to know to setup a remote connection to another PC in a simple and straightforward manner.

No Messing NoMachine

There’s no messing about with trying to connect to other machines either. The only requirements really needed to get it up and running is the remote PC’s IP address, and that NoMachine be installed on the remote PC you want to connect with.

Once linked in to the remote computer working with any content is simple and efficient. It’s possible to utilise documents, music, and videos in exactly the same way you can with your own computer. You can even print locally, on your own printer straight from the remote computer. Another really nice feature is the fact that if you insert any external media such as a USB card in your own machine, you can open them from the remote machine.


NoMachine is also fast compared to some similar products out there. NoMachine utilises an NX protocol that connections with both low bandwidth and high latency almost guarantees responsiveness between local and remote machine that will often make it feel like you’re working on your own PC.

Customised features

This is where NoMachine excels.

You can highlight the remote machine’s mouse cursor, emulate a bunch of features, and hide the different context menus and panels when focussing on the remote PC’s desktop.

The screen resolution can be changed and the display quality can be optimised, as well as the overall performance. Another nice touch is that any noise or annoying sound NoMachine might make can be turned off or lowered from within the program itself, meaning you don’t have to mute your own machine to get rid of them. This is nice, especially as audio from the remote connection is automatically forwarded to the host machine.

Different OS, and Old Machines

NoMachine worked well on all the different PC’s I tried it on. These included Window 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and I also found it worked surprisingly well on Windows XP. This probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise as NoMachine is designed with backward capability in mind, but I didn’t read the release notes before trying it. I have no idea if it works on Windows Vista.

The one dark side downside

The only issue I have with NoMachine is the fact that it starts automatically with Windows, and will run every time you boot your machine, and this doesn’t get a mention when the program is installed. On the plus side of that though, NoMachine will scan for fellow NoMachine installed PCs in your network when it starts which could be a real timesaver if you’re in a rush.

Final Words

NoMachine is a powerful and extensive remote desktop program that comes packed with features and is easy to learn and use. The fact that it’s free and available for download here, is just a bonus.