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There’s great news for those of us who rely on some key productivity apps. Three different software titles got important updates in the past... Weekly Update Round-Up: LastPass, NoMachine and AnyDesk

There’s great news for those of us who rely on some key productivity apps. Three different software titles got important updates in the past few days, all of which are designed to streamline your workflow while protecting your security. LastPass, AnyDesk, and NoMachine, three widely used tools for making tech run smoothly for users of any ilk, all received much-needed functionality face lifts.

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LastPass made some very customer-centric changes in the most recent update, ones that have been requested by users in multiple fields. This password generator/manager lets you keep up with one strong, unique password instead of having to memorize hundreds (or even thousands) of site-specific username and password combinations. Changes to its “Replace Site” functionality allow it to save site dialog when opened from web site notifications, while credit monitoring terms and conditions are now visible for those who use the software to securely store their payment methods for online use.

One of the most popular remote desktop access apps, AnyDesk, has also received a highly-anticipated update. AnyDesk lets you interact with your desktop computer from anywhere, as well as allows you to work remotely with a team via shared tech space. (HINT: I use AnyDesk to take over my mom’s computer every time she downloads a virus from one of those flashing ads that says her computer may already be infected.) AnyDesk packs a lot of features into a small file size, but the unfortunate reality of that specification was that AnyDesk was prone to bugs and crashing. This latest update, though, was all about the bug fixes and users will be thrilled with the results.

NoMachine, another remote access tool that got an update in this round, has one of the best features that seems so simple: remote printing. Instead of having to log in (or even be present in the office) to produce a document for someone, you can print directly from the printer that the remote computer is connected to. Imagine being on vacation and getting a frantic call from a co-worker, only to produce the needed file document with a touch of a button, right in the office where the distraught co-worker is standing. It might seem like basic stuff, but this is the kind of application for remote desktops that can make or break a business. This latest iteration of NoMachine added a graphical interface for web sessions on Android tablets or iPads, meaning you don’t have to wait until you’re able to cut yourself off from your work just to go enjoy some me-time. A slate of “tool tips” was also added to help users get the most out of the software.

With this level of attention to detail, there are so many different ways that any or all of these tools can enhance everyday operations, from the mundane to mission critical. Each platform offers leveled choices that can increase your data security while still allowing you freedom of movement, without having to be chained to your desk. For these and other productivity downloads, check out the full range of software available on FileHippo.