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Taking Hospitals Hostage With Ransomware
When hackers first stumbled upon the treasure trove of personal identifiable information that hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ offices collected on their patients, the entire industry became a target for identity theft. With an afternoon’s worth of hacking, thieves could make off with hundreds of thousands of patients’ records;... Read more
Digital Mass Surveillance Silences Dissenters
A newly published study has found that people with knowledge that their society or community is subject to mass surveillance, even where that surveillance is widely accepted, and widely condoned by the populace at large, is more likely to censor dissenting or even personal opinions in online environments. That... Read more
Microsoft Formally Apologizes For Tay, It’s Offensive Teenage Chatbot
Tech company, Microsoft, has apologized on behalf of its wayward child, and said it is “deeply sorry” for the offensively racist and sexist Twitter messages that Tay, its experimental AI teenager chatbot delivered last week. The apology comes after Tay’s first 24 hours of freedom online last week saw... Read more
NASA Mars Software Over Budget, Under Performing
When John F. Kennedy, Jr., announced rather ambitiously that the US would put a man on the moon within only a matter of years, the reactions were part awed, part derisive. Some saw it as the limitless ability of the best minds coming together, others laughed at the ludicrous... Read more
Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Now Free
Google has now announced a monumental revelation about Nik, its photo editing software: It’s now free! Digital photography buffs rejoice! There’s news from the world of photo editing software that has amateurs and pros alike celebrating. To understand the cause for excitement, let’s back up. Google acquired what it... Read more
Microsoft Terminates Tay AI Chatbot After Tweets About Hitler
No, really, it did….Tay is an AI chat bot developed by Microsoft with the aim of interacting with the millennial 18-24 age group. It’s developers quickly learned however that social media and open access to the internet might not have been the best learning environment for its creation. Within... Read more
Uber Wants You To Hack Its System
As the world of white hat hackers has proven, you don’t have to be a jerk just because you have mad skills with a computer. Hacktivists and white hats have already done life-changing work for companies, government agencies, and even law enforcement. Private corporations have often invited hackers to... Read more
France fines Google over ‘right to be forgotten’   
The French data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL), has said it has fined Alphabet subsidiary, Google, €100,000 for failing to scrub search results widely enough to comply with an EU privacy ruling. The US based tech firm has been in a long running... Read more
Apple Storing iCloud Data On Google Servers
News has emerged from several different sources that Apple has struck a deal with what some might see as its arch rival, Google, to store some users iCloud data on Google’s own cloud storage servers. The deal is being reported as a real coup for Google, which is seen... Read more
Credit Card Breaches Linked To Security Cameras
It’s been a rough few years for retailers of every size as they continue the struggle against hacking events and data breaches. The estimate for 2015 breaches was that every compromised customer or employee record cost the business an average of $154US. In one study of over 350 companies... Read more
Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Linked To FBI Unlock Of Terrorist iPhone
An Israeli cybersecurity firm by the name of Cellebrite has been revealed as the third party source that the FBI are using to crack the security features of the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino terrorists, and all without the court ordered assistance of Apple. Cellerbrite, a... Read more
New Security Concerns For Apple’s iMessage
Apple’s iPhone has been making news headlines for the past few weeks following a superior court ruling which stated the tech manufacturer was required to rewrite its OS operating system in order to create a “backdoor” for the FBI to break into a phone. Apple has steadfastly refused to... Read more
Older Kindles Need A Software Update
The clock is ticking for owners of certain models of Kindle e-readers as the deadline to install a critical update is looming. Today’s deadline means owners who failed to follow through with the update will no longer be able to connect to the internet, and will have to install... Read more
Have FBI Discovered Way To Unlock San Bernardino iPhone Without Apple?
The FBI is now claiming that they may have found a way to crack the security features of the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino terrorists without the court ordered assistance of Apple. On the basis of the above information, A US judge has postponed a hearing... Read more
Toonz Releases Open-Source Animation Software
In the past seven years, the tech world has undergone a major shift in terms of giving “the little guy” the tools to build a high-quality product and a platform to monetize his efforts. The self-publishing craze that was sparked by the digital publishing revolution is probably the most... Read more
Microsoft Finally Brings Windows 10 To Older Phones
After what has sometimes felt like forever, Microsoft have finally announced that they will be deploying Windows 10 to its older range of smart phones. In all, just over a dozen phones are set to receive the upgrade as an option. But there’s a catch;- not all Windows phone... Read more
Alexa Now Updates You On Your Health
Fitness wearables are all the rage, but for many tech models the process of retrieving the information means plugging up the device to your computer and comparing the results by hand. While some will stream the data to a mobile device app for convenience, Amazon has taken the ease... Read more
Anonymous Releases Trump Phone And Social Security Number
After declaring total war on Donald Trump, again, the hacking collective known as Anonymous, have promised to dismantle the Republican Presidential hopeful’s electoral campaign by exposing details that the perma-bronzed billionaire would rather the “public didn’t know.” As a result, Anonymous, have allegedly published The Donald’s Social Security number, personal... Read more