If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool for redesigning and sharing your digital photos–while still not requiring a degree in graphic design to work it…looking at you, expensive photo editing software–then look no further than FotoJet. This free tool gives you multiple options for creating collage, email headers, Instagram posts with professional-looking text, and more, while producing results that look like they were rendered in the studio.


FotoJet offers more than 500 uniquely creative collage templates and  over 80 different classic collage layouts. Of course, if you have a little more know-how and want to design something truly personal, you can build your own design from the ground up using the themed templates provided, like the Collage or Photo Card. There are even tools that are specifically intended for social media needs, like a Facebook cover image generator, a standard Facebook post template, a Twitter header, and a YouTube channel cover image creator.

The tool even offers some fun options, like incorporating your images into a magazine cover, for example; your wedding photos can be introduced via a People magazine cover a’ la the latest royal or celebrity wedding spread. One particular favorite is the wide variety of customizeable holiday cards that put some of the expensive services to shame. Finally, the collage template options range from the light-hearted and silly to the studio-quality portrait work, all of which you can easily make your own by “choosing a template, adding your own photos, freely editing and customizing the template with text or clipart images, and then saving or sharing your work.”

For those who have a little more expertise when it comes to creating a digital product, the Classic mode lets you choose from a variety of pre-formed drag-and-drop options, much like a newsletter layout. Select the number of boxes you want, fill the boxes with your content, text, or clip art, and create.

One of the most attractive things about FotoJet is its fully browser-based workflow. There’s no software to download, no upgrades or updates to keep up with, just an easy to click and intuitive builder that let’s you produce an attractive, professional-looking end result in minutes. To sign up for FotoJet’s free service, check out the site by clicking HERE.