Adobe’s latest creation, an app called Spark, allows the creation of three different kinds of web-optimized content: Posts, Pages, and Videos.

As a whole, software or apps that claim to produce professional results with nothing more than a drag-and-drop skillset have not always proven themselves to be trustworthy. After all, if anyone could produce a professional result without the years of education and experience, we wouldn’t have professionals. But when the app is produced by a company with decades of experience in both digital design and consumer-centric product offerings, the claim is a little more realistic.

Adobe has long been known for two separate consumer experiences, professional and hobbyist. While its flagship products like Photoshop and InDesign are still taught in university graphic design programs, the company has also launched a number of platforms that are more geared to those with only a little bit of tech know-how but a strong need for quality results.

To that end, the newest Adobe public-consumption product is an app called Spark. It’s like a meeting of the minds behind Adobe’s other apps Slate and Voice in that it allows the creation of three different kinds of web-optimized content: Posts, Pages, and Videos. Posts are best suited for sharing across social media, and Spark allows users to manipulate the size to any website’s requirements. Pages are more intended for websites, blogs, and other fuller visual experiences, and Videos (as the name aptly indicates) let users make something that is very similar to an animated slideshow but with a more professional feel.

One of the top features of Spark is the easy, intuitive interface. While Adobe’s professional line of tools pretty much requires that higher ed-level of instruction, Spark is intended with any type of user in mind. At the same time, it’s still pretty powerful; users can go with a theme that basically requires nothing more than fill-in-the-blank levels of creativity, or they can choose to go it alone and create their own content. Of course, Adobe’s templates (called themes) are above and beyond the typical concept of a template in that the user can manipulate a pre-made theme to adapt it to his content needs.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for seasoned web content creators will be the streamlined download process. It might sound strange to think of creating a post or a video and then not actually owning a downloaded rendering of it, but several other similar platforms simply offer the user a link to post their content once they create it. Spark offers that too, but also lets the user download his creation and save it as a JPEG.

There’s only one hiccup for reaching all web content creators, and that’s the fact that Spark was launched for iOS and desktop use. There’s really no equivalent Android option at this time, so you’re either going to use it on an iPad or iPhone (perfect for sudden flashes of inspiration or the need to get a post up on the fly) or via your desktop. Fortunately, this interface is really good.

Best of all, Adobe Spark is free to try, without limitations on downloading your posts in the free account. Try Adobe Spark on FileHippo now!