If you own a Lexus manufactured between 2014 and now, then no doubt you already know your satnav stopped working, your radio is silent and your Bluetooth enabled devices are pretty much useless.


If you don’t own a Lexus manufactured between 2014 and now, then you should know that for people who do, the above has happened to them

If you own a Lexus and don’t live in the USA, then you can also breathe easy, as the problem only affects Lexus drivers in North America.

But if you do live in the USA and own a Lexus…

Then it’s all of the above, and this  was the situation that greeted Lexus owners this week anyway. While they were still able to drive their cars, an on-board computer glitch disabled not only several must have car accessories such as navigation, audio, and Bluetooth, but also climate control as well.

The cause?

A bugged update delivered via the Lexus update system.

“Errant data broadcast by our traffic and weather data service provider was not handled as expected by the microcomputer in the vehicle navigation head unit (centre display) of 2014-16 Model Year Lexus vehicles and 2016 Model Year Toyota Land Cruiser,” a spokeswoman stated.

In essence what should have been a hassle free and smooth software update instead found their navigation and infotainment systems becoming stuck in a constant reboot loop that wouldn’t clear itself.

Some mechanically minded individuals claimed that simply disconnecting and then reconnecting the battery solved the problem, while others said that solution was only temporary.

Lexus have now corrected the error, and have also said that their local dealer would offer a complimentary system reset for those drivers who found the problem wouldn’t reset of its own accords.

Details of quite how Lexus managed to get a simple system update so wrong, are as of the time of writing, few, and far between.