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Microsoft Cuts 2,850 Staff As Windows Phone Runs Out Of Charge
So it probably came as no surprise that when Microsoft announced they were leaving the smart phone business earlier this year, that there would be job losses. What has come as a surprise however is that the company has revealed that number of staff facing the axe is more... Read more
Apple Shifts To Self-Driving Car Software
In the tech industry, companies that have survived for the long haul have done so by adapting to changing markets and consumer demand, while still innovating and bringing new products to market. Unfortunately, product development takes funding, and too many companies have experienced the destruction of their bottom line... Read more
The Clock’s Ticking On A Free Windows 10 Upgrade
If you’re one of the many people who shunned the new Windows 10 operating system when the early negatives came out, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you weren’t one of the ones who experienced disappointing results, but the bad news is that you’re missing... Read more
Moore’s Law Soon To Be Given Last Rites
Moore’s Law, one of the most prescient observations made about the increasing power of computer processors that has become accepted theory and practice for almost 50 years, may soon be no more. This is the news, that barring some sort of technological breakthrough, the practical limits on improvement of... Read more
Blocking FOIA With Bad Technology
There’s an interesting law on the books called the Freedom of Information Act, and it just celebrated its fiftieth birthday. So you’d think by now there would be a streamlined process for ensuring that everyone who files a FOIA request is able to navigate the system and access the... Read more
Yahoo Sold To Verizon…
…And Yahoo Becomes Just Another Footnote In The History Of The World Wide Web. Yes that’s right, Yahoo, the once ruling overlord of the World Wide Web has sold its core internet business properties to Verizon for $4.83 billion in cash. The news marks an ignoble end to a... Read more
US Navy Sued For Software Piracy
While the irony isn’t lost on most people, the only humor in this story is that it’s a well-known and widely respected navy that has been accused of piracy. The US Navy has been served with a federal lawsuit by a German software company after more than half a... Read more
isoHunt Agrees $66,000,000 Settlement With Canadian Music Industry
Deal also ends ‘iconic’ file sharing website’s last legal battle… Gary Fung, the man who launched isoHunt back in 2003, a website famous for allowing users to search pirated movies, music, and other files via BitTorrent has agreed to pay Music Canada a total of Canadian $66 million to... Read more
Software Update For NASA’s Mars Rover
NASA has been hard at work on a space program initiative involving Mars exploration literally for decades. From satellite orbits to actual landings, our nearest viable neighbor for sustaining life has been the subject of a lot of intense–and expensive–effort. Once NASA was able to actually send Mars landers... Read more
Microsoft Threatened By French Watchdog
Microsoft risks fines unless it complies with a three-month ultimatum from France’s data privacy watchdog, CNIL, to stop collecting masses of data and tracking Windows 10 users without their consent, and importantly, transferring data outside the EU to ‘safe harbour’ locations, all in violation of French law. CNIL can... Read more
App Developers Can Now Create For Ford Cars
In a market where automotive software can be very hush-hush, Ford has released a new desktop tool that will help app developers with the process of creating apps for the Sync in-car entertainment system. The new software, Sync3 AppLink Emulator, lets developers who’ve so far worked in smartphone and... Read more
Mozilla To Block Flash From August
Mozilla will block Flash in Firefox starting next month Mozilla is helping to hammer another nail in the coffin of Flash, and has finally joined other major browser vendors by deciding that starting August this year, Firefox will begin to block invisible Flash content, and that starting 2017, all... Read more
Data Mining Social Media For Science
What do whale sharks, NASA’s Hubble Telescope, and your vacation videos have in common? Plenty, according to a report by ZDNet’s Jo Best. The author describes in incredible detail the ability to track one of the most elusive (for its massive size) widely-known ocean dwellers, the whale shark. Whale... Read more
Ukrainian Kickass Torrents Creator Arrested
US authorities have arrested the alleged Ukrainian mastermind thought to be behind the illegal Kickass torrent file sharing site. Artem Vaulin, aged 30, has been charged ‘conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement.’ US attorney... Read more
If Only Melania Trump Had Used TurnItIn…
The internet is all a-buzz with the latest scandal to involve the ever-entertaining Donald Trump presidential campaign, this time involving his wife’s first major appearance. Slovenian-native and third wife to the Republican hopeful, Melania Trump spoke at the largest party event, the Republican National Convention, showing off both her... Read more
HTTPoxy: 15-Year-Old Security Flaw Is Back To Menace Websites Again  
Although really it never actually went anywhere because most people never fixed it because they didn’t know it was a problem… HTTPoxy; this time its war. Well, maybe not. But it does sound like one of the most unlikely sequels in history, and if it was a movie, it... Read more
Yahoo Decline Slows As Latest Financials Released But Oblivion Still Looms
Yahoo, a once Titan of the World Wide Web had only surprise in its latest quarterly release last week, and that was that the results weren’t quite as bad as everyone had expected. Not that that says much about the shape of the company. The only thing apparently holding up... Read more
A New Boost To Adobe Creative Cloud
One of the mainstays in any graphic artist’s toolbox is the Adobe family of products. But where artists, designers, and other professionals once had to purchase individual software titles (and then hope they didn’t upgrade their hardware and have to buy it all over again), Adobe has streamlined the... Read more