Facebook has, according to a post on their blog, found a way around installed adblockers on desktop browsers.

Quite how the social media giant has managed this hasn’t been totally revealed as of yet, but if the news is correct, then even Facebook users deploying ad-blocking software will begin seeing ads appearing on the desktop version of the social network.

According to the blog, it looks like Facebook intends to make it tougher for ad-blocking software to distinguish between ordinary posts, status updates and ads.

Researchers say Facebook use can lead to a decline in happiness and satisfaction.

Researchers say Facebook use can lead to a decline in happiness and satisfaction.

“When they’re relevant and well-made, ads can be useful, helping us find new products and services and introducing us to new experiences — like an ad that shows you your favorite band is coming to town or an amazing airline deal to a tropical vacation. But because ads don’t always work this way, many people have started avoiding certain websites or apps, or using ad blocking software, to stop seeing bad ads. These have been the best options to date.”

The move shows how seriously Facebook is taking the rise of ad-blocking software, and how fiercely it intends to protect its income streams. Facebook generates most of its revenue from ads, and it has to walk the line between how many adverts users will put up with before they start turning off.

Not of course that Facebook is struggling for cash. Facebook and Google control an astonishing 64% of online digital advertising between them.

But the advertising industry as a whole complains that ad-blocking software costs billions of dollars a year in lost revenue, and the use of adblockers is growing.

For the moment though, the social media giant will only be bypassing adblockers on the desktop version of its website. Mobile users with adblockers will continue to experience an ad-free version.