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We put the latest version of Avira System Speedup to the test. Avira System Speedup is a one click system clean-up utility program that... Avira System Speedup Review

We put the latest version of Avira System Speedup to the test.

Avira System Speedup is a one click system clean-up utility program that can speed up your PC or laptop, free up hard space and get rid of all the built up junk on your PC, in literally just a click.

Like cars, anyone who has a computer will know that the longer they have it the slower it can get. Slow and creaking computers that struggle to open up a word doc in less than 10 minutes could do with a helping hand. Not all of us are computer technicians however.

What Avira System Speedup could do for your machine, according to Avira.


Having a fast startup time and having a PC that just works fast and efficiently is important. Like your car, you want it to run smoothly. Regular servicing and oil changes will keep your car on the road. And it’s the same with computers. You don’t have to put up with the PC equivalent of smoking oil coming from your exhaust or suspicious loud grinding noises.

All PCs slow-down

Regardless of whether you own a budget laptop or a machine that can push 120 frames per second at 4k resolution, that brand new out-of-the-box performance just doesn’t last. Every PC gets clogged up with junk after a while and starts to slow down. Despite being going since the 20th Century, Microsoft Windows still doesn’t deal with the issue very well. And that’s when tune-up utilities such as Avira System Speedup prove their worth.

There are any number of system clean up and performance boosting utilities out there for you to download and install. Avira System Speedup, is just one of them. Most of them do a good job. What one you decide to settle on, is a personal preference. But today I am solely talking about the Avira option.

Under the hood

Firstly, it looks good and is easy to use. The user interface is simple uncluttered, and just about anyone can use it, regardless of experience or knowledge.

There are two main sections, the System Cleaner and the System Optimizer. I recommend running both of them at regular intervals, The system cleaner deals with all the junk and unnecessary files that have built up on your system over time. It is effective, and can free up a lot of hard disk space. It contains the bit that cleans u the registry and also has the privacy cleaners. Both do a good job. The system defragmenter does a fairly good job as well.

The system optimizer works on getting your machine to run as smoothly as it can, and is simple to use. This is the bit that should get your PC running smoothly again. Run the cleaner before you run the optimizer.

Verdict: It works

Yes it does. It’s hardly surprising, it is after all what Avira System Speedup is designed to do. And on the whole, Avira System Speedup is as good as any of the other cleanup utility programs out there – meaning you can enjoy peace of mind from a product by one of the biggest players in category of software.

You can download Avira System Speedup from for free, here.

And you can try some of the others, also for free from, here.