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Rumours circulate of new Windows Mobile operating system (OS) and possible handsets and hardware to go with it. While Microsoft has all but given... Microsoft Working On New Windows Based Phone? Set To Release In 2018? Maybe!

Rumours circulate of new Windows Mobile operating system (OS) and possible handsets and hardware to go with it.

While Microsoft has all but given up on its current ‘Windows Phone’ support and development, the tech firm is reportedly working on yet another mobile experience. The news, if the normally reliable is to be believed, is that Microsoft still believe they have a shot at developing a third ecosystem that can compete with both Android and Apple based phones.

“Independent sources inside of Microsoft”, speaking to Brad Sams, said “there is a new hardware device being tested internally” and a “separate branch of Windows Mobile” is newly being developed for the hardware.

Microsoft’s Looking to Reboot Mobile with New Software and Hardware

Two independent sources inside Microsoft have reportedly told Thurrot’s Brad Sam of the hardware and software reboot.

Keeping quiet, for now

Despite development being “active,” Microsoft appear to be keeping this one very close to their chest. Some commentators have speculated that new os will be be markedly different from the current Windows Phone environment, and Microsoft are trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how the world uses mobile devices. While all this could be nothing more than just smoke and mirrors, other sources have led some credibility to the claims. This time though, the new hardware will apparently have to undergo a series of internal reviews and tests before MS decide whether to push its development any further forward.

But why? 

It’s a good question. Despite investing millions of dollars with its last attempt, and years of effort, Microsoft peaked in its market share at around 5%. Which was a shame, as Windows phones were actually quite good little pieces of hardware. I had several of them and I loved them. Seriously, they were really good. Current market share for Windows Phones sits at around 0.3%. That does mean that Microsoft could have something of a mountain to climb if it attempts to compete against Google and Apple again.  

But the world is increasingly using small hand-held devices  every day. Last year, marked a milestone when mobile web browsers finally overtook desktop based web browsers in how they accessed the Internet. And Microsoft definitely sees cross platform viability and use of the cloud as the way forward. And from that point of view, Microsoft not giving up on mobile does make a lot of sense.

See you next year?

Just who their new devices will be aimed at is as yet unclear. But it’s probably a safe bet, that MS will aim their new hardware at the world of business initially. And if the rumors are true, then we could be looking at a launch date of sometime in 2018. And if that is true, then that also means that Microsoft must be fairly far along in the development process.