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Grammarly for Chrome is a free extension for Google’s Chrome browser which checks your grammar and spelling. The Grammarly extension works pretty much just... Grammarly For Chrome: Grammar Made Easy?

Grammarly for Chrome is a free extension for Google’s Chrome browser which checks your grammar and spelling.

The Grammarly extension works pretty much just like the spell checker in most Word Processors such as Word, but does it for all your online stuff instead. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and with just about anything, whenever you have to type on-line.

As with all Chrome extensions (add-ons) installation is simple, takes just a few seconds, and starts working almost automatically. That said, Grammarly doesn’t work with every ‘text box’ out there on the web, but it does work with most websites. But even then, it’s easy to see if Grammarly is working or not, as you’ll either have the Grammarly icon at the bottom right of wherever you are typing, or you won’t.

Problem phrases and suspected spelling mistakes are easily identified in the same way most word processor software works, with the traditional red underline. So, from that point of view, using Grammarly shouldn’t present too much, if any, of a learning curve for most users.

Well regarded

Grammarly generally tends to score very highly across most review sites for spelling mistakes, and in our testing, also did very well. One particular highlight was catching the differences between British and US versions of English words, such as ‘color,’ and ‘colour.’ It also does a good job of catching context-specific errors as well as just correcting spelling issues, for example, ‘they’re’ and ‘there.’

The designers behind Grammarly claim that the extension can spot some 250 different types of error, and based on our testing, we wouldn’t doubt it. As the name would suggest Grammarly also corrects grammar issues, and from that point of view could be a very useful tool for users whose first language isn’t English.

All power to the engines

The software also has a lot of complicated processes going underneath the hood as it were. Fortunately, we as users, don’t get to see any of that, but Grammarly’s ability to check grammar was a lot more advanced than what we originally expected.

Not that Grammarly is full-proof. While it what we would consider to be one of the best grammar and spelling extensions for Chrome available, the human eye and mind behind it is still one the best proof-reader and judge of whether something is spelled right and works in the specific context of the language used.

Helpfully suggestive

But again, should you want a second opinion, then simply mousing over the underlined red text will display a pop-up dialog box with suggestions, a brief explanation and some other alternatives. Not that you should take Grammarly’s advice on everything and anything. You can just ignore it if you’d prefer.

While there are of course, several competitors in the on-line spell checking world, and Grammarly is sure to not to suit everyone, we here at FileHippo, happen to like it.

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