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Sweets may be for sweets, but it’s gadgets for us geeks! February 14th is upon us, so check out these inspired tech gifts for... 5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sweets may be for sweets, but it’s gadgets for us geeks! February 14th is upon us, so check out these inspired tech gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Tech gifts for Valentine’s Day? Absolutely! Forget flowers and chocolates – this year, why not surprise your one and only with a gift they’ll actually love?

We’re all gadget geeks at heart, and so a high-tech Valentine’s Day gift could well be the most romantic present you ever bestow upon your significant other. We’ve got some great ideas for tech gifts for Valentine’s Day, guaranteed to impress the one who needs impressing most in less than a week’s time.

#1. Lovebox

Lovebox is a truly inspired invention for lovers – and indeed lovers who love tech. On the surface, it’s a simple yet beautiful wooden box that sits on the mantelpiece. What’s inside? Love letters, of course – or rather love text messages.

Gift this box to your Valentine and fill it with love notes using the Lovebox app – the heart on the front of the box spins silently when there’s a new message inside. Simple, cute, and very, very romantic.


#2. Two-Way Heart-Shaped Headphone Splitter

It doesn’t have the most romantic-sounding name, but this cute little heart-shaped headphone splitter will help you share the music you love with the person you love.

Allowing you to plug two sets of headphones into one device, the two of you can watch movies and listen to music and podcasts together wherever you go.

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#3. Long Distance Touch Lamp

Want to always have a way of letting someone you love who’s far away know you’re thinking about them? Light up their lives and their hearts with these Long Distance Touch Lamps.

Buy two, keep one for yourself and gift the other to your someone special. Then, once you’ve both hooked them up to the Wi-Fi and paired them, a touch on one will light up the other – no matter how far apart you are.  

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#4. USB Pearl Compact Mirror

A stylish and incredibly handy handbag accessory, the Pearl Compact Mirror with built-in 3000mAh USB battery pack will be the perfect tech gift for Valentine’s Day this year.

The mirror features an LED ring of light, allowing the application of makeup even in low light, and the battery means that you can charge your phone on-the-go. Available in a choice of colours, this gadget is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.   

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#5. Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker

A beautiful piece of jewellery that doubles as a fitness tracker, the Bellabeat Leaf can be worn around the wrist, neck, or clipped onto a shirt or jacket.

It’s stylish, compact, and, with the ability to calculate steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep data, it’s powerful, too. One of the best tech gifts for Valentine’s Day out there.

Got any more great Valentine’s day tech gift ideas?

There’s not long left to go now until the big day. Don’t get caught out buying chocolates from the petrol station or uprooting flowers from the neighbour’s garden. These tech gifts for Valentine’s Day are much more special – but if you’ve got any more ideas, head down to the comments below and let our readers know about them.