Apple co-founder’s CV part of pop culture auction by RR Auctions. 

An error strewn job application that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs filled out before he started the company that gave the world the Macintosh personal computer, iPod and iPhone is to be sold at auction and is expected to fetch more than $50,000.

The single page application is just one item in a pop culture auction to be hosted by the Boston, Massachusetts-based auction house RR Auctions, and will go on sale between March 8-15.

While the guide price has been set at $50,000 some commentators have speculated the piece could go for more than double that amount.

Auction Of Steve Jobs Pre-Apple CV Could Reach $50,000

The handwritten application form Steve Jobs filled out in 1973.


The handwritten CV filled out by Jobs in 1973, more than four decades ago, shows that even then, he had aspirations to work in design and technology.

The one-page application form that Jobs filled in by hand and replete with spelling and punctuation errors and all, lists his address as “reed college”, the college in Oregon college he briefly attended.

Phone, what phone?

With the benefit of hindsight, it is perhaps somewhat ironic that under phone, Jobs has simply written “”none”. Handwritten application forms and not having a phone number would not have been that uncommon back in the early 70s, especially for a student.

Unfortunately, the the document does not say what position Jobs was applying for. Steve Jobs and friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple a mere three years later.

Seven years later

In 1980, Jobs took Apple public on the Nasdaq and raised $100 million which at the time, was one of the biggest initial floats ever seen. The company is now worth an estimated $875 billion.