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Orangeworm Attacks Vulnerable Medical Industry
Hacker group’s activity first picked up by Symantec cybersecurity. When patients think of cutting edge medical innovation, things like the Leonardo camera-guided robotic surgery come to mind, or the ability to send a capsule-sized camera through the digestive tract to diagnose potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Most people probably aren’t... Read more
Iran Central Bank Bans Banks From Cryptocurrency Dealings
The central bank of Iran has banned domestic banks and other financial institutions from dealing in cryptocurrencies, claiming that the digital currency is being used for money-laundering, and also in an attempt to halt an emerging currency crisis. The Iranian State News Agency, IRNA, reported the news two weeks... Read more
Cambridge Researcher May Sue Facebook Over Data Breach Allegations
Aleksandr Kogan considers his position in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The recent Facebook data breach–which Facebook has taken great pains to point out was not a typical data breach–has metaphorically opened a lot of people’s eyes to how their data is gathered, stored, and used by... Read more
Facebook Moves Millions Of Users Data To US To Avoid European Privacy Laws
Zuckerberg’s promise to uphold ‘spirit’ of new EU data protection rules quietly put to the side just days after making it… The social media giant, Facebook has begun moving user data from its servers in Ireland back to the USA in order to avoid having to comply with new... Read more
CRAs Add New Tools To Fight Identity Theft
Credit reference agencies respond to data breaches with new software and tech.  Last year, one of the three major US credit reporting agencies experienced a data breach that compromised the complete identities of more than 145 million people worldwide. Interestingly, not only were the victims not informed in a... Read more
Software Review PowerDVD18
Optimized for 4K DHR PowerDVD18 plays much more than just DVDs and Blu-rays. This year’s CyberLink PowerDVD is here, and as you would expect it’s still a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to play media at its highest quality. In essence, PowerDVD is the sort of premium media player... Read more
Apple Offers Another Battery Replacement
Apple Watch warranty now extended to cover battery replacement – on some models, at least. No matter how great a product is, nothing is completely infallible; that’s when a great warranty and great customer service come in to smooth the hurt that a defective, expensive gadget causes. Apple came... Read more
Microsoft Makes Moves Toward Quantum Computing Quantum Leap
Microsoft believes it may be closer to commercially-viable error free quantum computing, by using elementary sub-atomic particles known as Majorana fermions. If scientists at the tech giant are right, then Microsoft could find itself leaping past other rivals such as Google, IBM, and Intel, in the quantum computing race... Read more
Password Hashing An Issue For MyFitnessPal Breach
Hack exposed 150 million users’ accounts, but could have been much worse. As data breaches go, a company and the victims are lucky if only a couple million accounts were stolen, or if the data was nothing more than passwords and some birth dates. Recent large-scale events have included... Read more
Four Great Alternatives To Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is the most popular suite of productivity tools in the world, but it’s not the only player in the game. Check out our awesome free office software alternatives. It’s fair to say, when it comes to productivity tools, the term is synonymous with the suite of software... Read more
DoD Fights Back Against Fake News
The battle over the notoriously dreaded concept of “fake news” has a new, strange ally, though: the US Department of Defense. It only takes one video, one image, one viral “news” story to turn the tide of public opinion, so it comes as no surprise that months of bombardment... Read more
New FCC Advisor Arrested For Fraud
Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee member, Elizabeth Pierce, arrested and then resigns. The current US presidential administration has faced a lot of backlash over some of its more notable appointees, but when its troubles with the tech industry collided with those appointees, it made news. Following last year’s net neutrality fiasco,... Read more
Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ Mastermind Escapes ‘On PM’s plane’
Audacious escape by cybercurrency criminal like a movie plot. The alleged criminal mastermind behind the theft of 600 bitcoin mining computers in Iceland escaped from custody, and wrangled his was to Sweden on the same jet that was carrying the Icelandic prime minister. Sindri Thor Stefansson was one of 22 suspects... Read more
Weibo Reverses Gay ‘Clean-Up’ Ban After Online Public Backlash
Popular Chinese social media platform had targeted content that it deemed ‘illegal’ including ‘videos with pornographic implications, promoting violence or (related to) homosexuality’. Sina Weibo, one of China’s most popular social media sites, stated that the new guidelines were solely put in place to “create a bright and harmonious community... Read more
Photo Editing Tips To Make Your Images Pop
Quicks ways to improve your digital images using photo editing apps. With a little image editing, an otherwise underwhelming digital photo can be elevated into something truly striking. However, whether you use Photoshop or one of the dozens of free photo editing apps available, navigating picture editing for the... Read more
Hackers Hit US With New Tax Scam
Latest in record-setting number of data breaches and hacking events. The April tax filing deadline is here for US consumers, and that generally means one thing. No, not a panicked, last-minute line at the post office to get that important postmark date (although that certainly happens), but rather an... Read more
Russia Blocks Millions Of IP Addresses In Battle To Ban Telegram App
Millions of Amazon and Google IPs allegedly blocked in botched attempt to ban privacy messenger. The Telegram messaging app was banned in Russia last week due to its refusal to turn over encryption keys to authorities.  Russia’s internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor, is accused of using using brute force internet blocking... Read more
SoundTap Audio Recorder Review: Record All Audio On Your Computer
This brilliant little audio recorder is a gem of a piece of software and is completely free for non-commercial users. SoundTap Audio Recorder is a tool that lets you freely record just about any audio played through your Windows computer into mp3 or wav files. Put simply, if it’s... Read more