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Black Friday – loved by bargain hunters worldwide and no longer confined to just one day of trading. But what is it all about,... What to expect on Black Friday 2018 – facts, tips, dates and deals

Black Friday – loved by bargain hunters worldwide and no longer confined to just one day of trading. But what is it all about, and how can you get the most out of it?

After Hallowe’en many believe the next big event to be Christmas, but not in the world of tech. Black Friday has become one of the biggest dates in the diary for traders and consumers alike.

Of course, Black Friday itself falls on November 23, exactly a week away. But as we all know, the world’s leading retailers have kicked off their sales way in advance. In fact, it’s now colloquially known as Cyber Month – and we absolutely love that!

The event seems to get bigger and better every year and it is forecast that 2018 will be yet another bumper year. Here’s a brief look at the history of Black Friday, what to expect and some of our favourite early software deals.

What is Black Friday?

Simply, American retailers chose to follow the altruistic holiday of Thanksgiving (November 22) with a day of colossal commercial spending. So now you will find huge deals on everything from the talking gadgets and televisions to toothbrushes, FitBits and clothing. Put simply, think of any item, at all, and you will find a deal for it on Black Friday.

It has been long regarded as the start of the USA’s Christmas shopping season since its inception in the 1950s. However Black Friday as a term didn’t really catch on until just after the millennium.

Black Friday software deals are out there - take a look at our list to find out more.

Black Friday software deals are out there – take a look at our list to find out more.

A prevalent explanation about where the term actually came from is centred around retailer performance. Many believe this day represented the moment where retailers began to turn a profit, going from being ‘in the red’ to being ‘in the black’ – hence Black Friday.

It was soon picked up by other nations, especially Britain, who couldn’t resist the temptation of heavily discounted items. Many will have had their attention drawn to the event by the media, covering violence between shoppers and those who camp out overnight.

We’ve all seen the pictures of people wrestling over televisions in Walmart (or Asda). Fortunately, most deals are now available online, so these types of scenes can be avoidable.

Some retailers have even called a halt on the day, due to the aforementioned side effects, but the day has seen billions of pounds spent in just the 24 hours and therefore is expected to have a long future – moving online.

Did someone say Cyber Monday?

Just when you thought the mayhem was over. After a two-day hiatus it is said the retailers see another influx of spending. This is thought to be because, after a long weekend, people return to work and still spend on deals at their desks. So, of course the canny retailers release their own ‘Cyber Monday Deals’ too.

Mind you, these days it is often referred to as Black Friday weekend – or even Cyber Month – because of the relentless offers and spending.

Where can I find Black Friday deals NOW?

Bargain hunters, spring into action! There are already countless deals available out there. When it comes to miscellaneous offers the top retailers already have their Black Friday pages set up.

Amazon, Argos, Currys PC World, GAME, Halfords, Littlewoods and Very are among the top.

When it comes to software, don’t worry – FileHippo has your back. We’ve put together a list of the best current software deals available and will be posting more as we get closer to the big day.

How to do Black Friday like a pro

Even the most calm and collected bargain hunter may get caught up in the thrill of the consumerist chase.

The best thing to do is to do your homework before the big day. Think about what you want to buy, maybe even make a list – or at least a budget.

On the day, when you notice a ‘Mega Deal’, ask yourself – “Would I really want this if it wasn’t discounted?” The likelihood is that you perhaps wouldn’t, so you may have to think twice.

Moreover, what may be a great ‘steal’ for someone else may not suit you personally. Even if something has as much as 50% off, it may still cost several hundreds of pounds or dollars.

Also, make sure you’re buying from trusted sources. Even the online world can be a dangerous Black Friday trading platform.

What we know so far

FileHippo has already found some great deals. From 75% off NordVPN and 70% off Panda VPN to saving £25 on Pinnacle Studio and £20 on Roxio Software – they’re out there.

Take a look at our list, which is being regularly updated, to keep on top of big software deals.

We’ll also bring more coverage leading up to and on the day itself. Stay tuned, and happy (smart) spending!

Feature image credit: Tumisu/Pixabay