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A Shattered Collection of My Best Memories: An Immediate Solution Thanks to Stellar Photo Recovery

Who doesn’t love creating new memories and saving them as photos on a smartphone, PC, or any other digital media? While many of us share some on social media, we keep the most precious and private ones to ourselves. Sadly, my hard drive of photos became corrupted, which held images…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

GOM Mix Max’s Big Launch

GOM & Company is releasing its newest video editing software, GOM Mix Max, with a big launch celebration. Focused on balancing high-quality and plentiful features, GOM Mix Max will be a powerful tool for new editors and veterans alike. Users who sign up now can get GOM Mix Max for free for…

The Smithsonian Bans Selfie Sticks
You’d think people would be mostly interested in all of the historical artifacts found at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., but the famous museum (of all places) is having trouble with people using selfie sticks to take selfies of themselves. In fact, it’s become such a problem that the... Read more
Decorate Your Living Room With A Lego Coffee Table
If you’re still looking for that perfect coffee table to liven up your living room, (and the PlayStation 3 controller coffee table didn’t do it for you) an Etsy store called Branching Outward may have just what you’re looking for – especially if you have kids in the house.... Read more
Man Builds His Own Iron Man Suit With A 3D Printer
With the advent of 3D printers, people have started making all kinds of crazy things, such as guns, houses, and…superhero suits. One Iron Man fan from Birmingham, England, named Ross Wilkes, made a New Year’s Resolution last year to build his very own Iron Man suit, patterned after one... Read more
Yes, Someone Has Created A Smart Hat
You just don’t know what’s going to go “smart” next; there are smart watches, smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, smart pacifiers, and now there’s finally a smart hat to add to the ranks. If you’re one who never thought you’d see the day when someone came out with a... Read more
Man Builds Tie Interceptor Fighter Drone
I can only imagine all of the different kinds of Star Wars inspired things that will be coming out up to (and even after) the release of The Force Awakens in December. Unless an actual lightsaber finally comes out though, the things I think I’m most excited about are the drones... Read more
Google Play Music Will Let You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free
Have you been looking for a place in the cloud to store all of the digital music you have stored on your hard drive? Maybe a better question would be, “Have you been looking for a place to store it without spending a bunch of money?” After all, you’ve... Read more
Metallica Making A Comeback Via Cassette Tape
I don’t know if anyone’s bothered to tell Metallica that we’re not in the ’80s anymore, but they’ve recently announced they’ll be releasing some new (old) material on April 18th of this year, and the biggest surprise of all, they’ll be releasing the music on cassette tape. (Those are what came... Read more
KFC Creates Edible Coffee Cups For 50th Anniversary
I don’t know if you regularly visit KFC, but some folks in the UK will be getting a tasty treat not having anything to do with chicken later this year. To celebrate their 50th anniversary of dressing and cooking up chickens in any and every way possible, they are... Read more
IKEA To Put Wireless Phone Chargers In Their Furniture
If you use a smartphone, charging cables are a necessary evil; they wear out, they fray, they stop working – and perhaps more often than not (according to my wife, at least) they vanish into thin air never to be seen again – until you buy a new one,... Read more
International Space Station Salutes Leonard Nimoy
If you were online at all this weekend or had the television on for more than a few moments, you more than likely heard that Leonard Nimoy, better known as “Mr. Spock” from the original Star Trek series, passed away after a battle with COPD. He was 83 years old.... Read more
This Unseen Jacket Changes Colors With Your Mood
When I was in junior high, there was a time when mood rings were about the most popular thing out there. You remember them, don’t you? The rings you wore that changed colors based on what kind of mood you were in? I have to be honest – I... Read more
Xbox Live Gold Gets A Price Cut
If you have an Xbox One or even an Xbox 360 and have been waiting for a great reason to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there’s probably not going to be a better time than right now to get one. Microsoft have announced that they’re cutting the price... Read more
Spotify Premium Will Soon Show Lyrics
Spotify Premium is a great service. The ability to listen to (almost) anything I want at anytime is amazing. Where I used to spend tons of money on CDs every month, now I spend $10 and have so much more in my catalog (Albeit I don’t “own” any of... Read more
More Drivers Are Using Facebook On The Road
If your daily travels are anything like mine, then you probably see more people glued to their phones while driving than not. It’s only curious to wonder what they’re doing – texting, taking pictures, getting directions, asking Siri a question, actually having a phone conversation with someone else –... Read more
The Cradle That Lets You Use Your Phone To Rock Your Baby
As a young parent of two kids, I am acutely aware of how hard it can be to get them to go to sleep sometimes. We try everything – music, rocking them in a rocking chair or in their car seat, walking up and down the hall with them,... Read more
Apple Watch Ads Come To Vogue Magazine
In case you were wondering what magazine would be the first to advertise the Apple Watch, it turns out the answer is Vogue. With their upcoming March issue, the fashion magazine will have twelve (12!) pages of ads for Apple’s new wearable device. I’m sure all of the pages will... Read more
Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Panorama of Red Planet
With all the talk of Mars, we still know so little about the red planet. Even though a group of individuals are gearing up to say goodbye to Earth and begin a human colony on the planet, obviously no humans have yet to set foot on Mars; so, what... Read more
Strange Drones Are Showing Up Over Paris At Night
The drones are coming! It seems drones are creating just as many problems as they’re solving around the world. For every story about the good potentials of drone use, there seems to be another story of someone not using their brain and flying them where they shouldn’t be, like... Read more