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Thai Cave Rescue Diver Sues Elon Musk Over ‘Pedophile’ Claims 
Elon Musk, the billionaire business magnate is being sued by a British Diver who says that Musk has falsely and directly accused him of being a pedophile and a ‘child rapist.’ Vernon Unsworth, who lives in London, UK, alleges that Elon Musk falsely made comments about him on the Twitter social media platform earlier this year, after the dramatic rescue of... Read more
Alphabet’s Internet Loon Balloons Reach New Heights 
Alphabet perseveres through complex technological and practical problems to set new records. Alphabet’s High Altitude Loon Balloon system set a new milestone last month by linking 7 balloons together that were flying 600 km apart, and casting the Internet in a 1000 km diameter, and all from just one ground up-link... Read more
Artificial Intelligence System Detects Regularly Missed Cancer Tumors with 95% Efficiency 
The new AI system has a significantly higher success rate than trained specialists. Engineers and scientists from the Computer Vision Research Center at the University of Central Florida have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) System that can detect often missed tiny specs of tumors in lung cancer patients.  The AI system claims to have a success... Read more
New Research Claims 26% Of Americans Have Deleted Facebook
The study, undertaken by the Pew Research Center (no relation to PewDiePie), is the latest in a year of bad news stories for Facebook. In worrying news for Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant, a new study has revealed that some 26% of Americans have deleted the Facebook app from... Read more
Esports “Killer Games Are Too Violent” For Olympics 
Esports are a big business, but don’t expect to see them in the Olympics anytime soon… The president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, has said that violent ‘esport’ video games are not consistent with ‘Olympic values’ and cannot therefore be considered for future Olympic Games. Speaking at the recent Asian Games, Bach said “If you have egames where it’s about killing... Read more
Sony Closes PlayStation 2 Repair Service…After 18 Years. 
Starting on September 7th, 2018, Sony’s aftercare service for the PlayStation 2 will be no more. That such a service still exists for a console originally released in the year 2000, is testament to the fact that the ‘PS2’ has the record for the world’s bestselling gaming console of all time.... Read more
No, Your iPhone Isn’t Listening To Everything, Apple Says
Apple have insisted in a letter to US Federal authorities that despite the number of conspiracy theories going around, iPhones only listen to their users when they use the ‘Hey Siri’ trigger phrase. Apple has also said that there is a clear visual indicator that lets users know when Siri is listening, to a... Read more
Third Hacker Jailed For Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Nude Photo Hack
The fourth man involved is due to be sentenced next month. On Tuesday 28th August, a 26-year-old male found himself sentenced to nine months in prison for his part in the 2014 hacking of the online iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, a host of other celebrities, and stealing the private information, including nude photos. The photos were later posted online and a basic... Read more
Apple Removes 25,000 ‘Gambling’ Apps From China App Store 
Chinese officials and State Media criticize Apple for hosting gambling apps. News has emerged this week that Apple have been forced to cull some 25,000 gambling and lottery apps from its China App Store although at the time of writing, Apple have not confirmed the number. Apple were forced to remove the... Read more
Airbnb Sues New York Over New Law That Demands Disclosure Of Host Information 
Airbnb, the specialist short term renter has announced that it is suing the city of New York. The move is a response to a law passed in July, that legally requires the company to share hosts’ names and addresses with the authorities on a monthly basis. Airbnb claims that the... Read more
How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software For You 
As video editing software becomes ever more accessible for the masses, there’s never been a better time to get involved. And that’s great and all that, but there’s a lot of choice on our website, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you? It’s a good... Read more
Google Sued For Allegedly Tracking Phones Regardless Of Privacy Settings 
Google is being sued for tracking mobile devices even when users have asked them not to. The Lawsuit alleges that Google is illegally tracking the movements of millions of iPhone and Android phone users even if they think their privacy settings have been set to prevent it. The plaintiff’s... Read more
Computer Programmers Get New Tech Ethics Code 
New guidelines issued by the Association for Computing Machinery are the first significant upgrade since 1992. The world’s single largest organization of computer scientists and engineers, the Association for Computing Machinery, (ACM) has issued a new code of ethics for computing professionals. The new code has been released to help technologists deal with... Read more
‘Foreshadow’: Yet Another Security Flaw Found In Intel Chips 
A new security flaw in Intel processors has been discovered by researchers that could allow hackers to steal data from the company’s ‘secure’ virtual vaults in Intel chips. ‘Foreshadow’ is the third similar flaw of significance found to have affected Intel designed chips in 2018. “If used for malicious purposes, this class of vulnerability has the potential to improperly infer data values from multiple... Read more
AVG Secure VPN Review: Simple And Effective VPN That Does The Job 
We take a deeper look at one of our best VPNs of 2018. Anyone who has used some sort of antivirus or Internet Security product in the last 15 years will have heard of AVG. In fact, AVG has been one of the consistently excellent names in the antivirus and security game since... Read more
Pentagon Bans Military Personnel From Using GPS Tracking Apps 
The US Department of Defense has issued new orders to all of its branches that immediately begins restricting soldiers’ use of GPS tracking apps in places it deems to be sensitive or dangerous.  While the new orders stop short of a total ban on the use of GPS enabled devices in... Read more
Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Your Personality?
A new study investigates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify personality types based on tracking eye movements. It’s a common enough idea that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that when playing poker, some experienced players wear sunglasses so that their eyes don’t give the game away... Read more
Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Paraphernalia From Website 
Global e-commerce giant Amazon has begun the process of removing items that contain or have an association with Nazi and white supremacist symbols from its website.  The move by Amazon follows a series of complaints from lawmakers and a 24 page in depth report from two racial equality advocacy groups.  The story didn’t really... Read more