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Security is something that should never be scrimped on, especially when it comes to the cyber world.

But how do make sure that – not only are your devices adequately protected – you get the best antivirus deal out there? January is a difficult month, the Christmas bills are being felt, but don’t worry – we’re here to make sure you save on your cybersecurity.

FileHippo has compared the best Windows premium antivirus bundles of 2019, weighing up the pros and cons of each product.  So, grab a coffee and go Windows shopping – we reckon you’ll be impressed!

Best Antivirus Software 2019

Is an antivirus bundle really necessary?

The short answer is YES! Antivirus bundles are so much more than a simple product.

You won’t just get a stand-out antivirus service, you’ll get the absolute works. From a secure VPN to password management, all your security fears will be consigned to history.

We live in an age where user-downloaded viruses are responsible for up to five million attacks every day.

Simply put – don’t get caught out, protect your devices at all bases!

How do I know which antivirus bundle suits me best?

Well, this is where we come in. FileHippo has once again found the top five antivirus bundles of the year!

Not only have we gone into an in-depth summary of each, with a link to find more information, see the latest pricing deals, and download, but we’ve even put them in this handy table to help you compare features at a glance:

Compare the best antivirus software bundles of 2019

Avast Ultimate
Norton Security Premium
AVG Ultimate
Panda Dome Premium
Avira Premium
Premium antivirus



Password manager



System tune-up

Webcam protection




Software updater


Parental controls




Premium support

Devices covered
Up to 5
1, 3, 5, 10 or unlimited
Money-back guarantee
30 days
Norton Virus Protection Promise
30 days
30 days
30 days

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✅ Complete PC protection suite
✅ Full up-to-date
✅ Non-evasive scanning

X No parental controls

Avast Ultimate is a ‘complete PC protection suite’, and even that description perhaps doesn’t do it enough justice. Multi-function security tools and stack of features guard your Windows PC against the most terrifying cyber dangers. Not only is it very powerful, it’s also incredibly straight-forward to get the most out of it.

Avast Ultimate is a product that you should definitely check out if you’re in the market for a one-stop-shop of security tools. The bundle includes four of Avast’s flagship products; SecureLine VPN, Passwords Premium, Cleanup Premium and Premier Antivirus. In addition, Avast’s scanning has hardly any impact on functionality too and is completely non-evasive.

Covering up to five devices, the product comes with several configurable options and settings. It includes new technologies and has also been praised for stand-out features like Ransomware Shield, Webcam Shield, Do Not Disturb Mode and other hacks.

✅ 25GB of secure cloud storage for PC (option to add more)
✅ Total protection for a single device (secures up to ten)
✅ Super-fast drive scan time, with minimal performance impact.

X No password manager

Thanks to Norton Security Premium you can email friends, bank online and transfer files with complete peace of mind. It provides complete antivirus and malware protection, detecting and defending against internet threats and safeguarding your identity and privacy. The free Norton Secure VPN even secures your private information when using public Wi-Fi.

Free 24/7 support is also available for every customer through email, chat or over the phone. This helpful service only complements Norton Security Premium’s easy-to-use web portal, used to manage devices.

Importantly, this bundle will not impact the performance of your PC. Super-fast drive scan time means you won’t be slowed down or notice the work behind-the-scenes. It will also protect your home network with a smart firewall and defends against spyware and other malicious viruses.

✅ Complete protection – from emails to webcam
✅ Automatic maintenance
✅ Smart photo cleaner

X VPN not included

AVG Ultimate is another all-in-one antivirus and system enhancer package to seriously consider. You can always protect against the latest threats thanks to automatic maintenance and a built-in software updater.

Including AVG TuneUp and AVG Internet Security, this award-winning security provider will make sure your devices are safe and performing well. In addition, AI-based threat detection and removal features deals with all dangers in real time. Hacker protection, anti-theft and app/ device locks mean you’re always in safe hands with AVG Ultimate.

Moreover, the TuneUp feature gives your PC more power than you ever deemed possible. This includes a software uninstaller and the ability to say goodbye to bugs, crashes and freezes in one click.

✅ WiFi network protection
✅ 20GB cloud storage
✅ USB device protection

X Not all features are available on all devices

Block all known threats, including ransomware, and keep tabs on your parental control and social media privacy settings with Panda Dome Premium. With this bundle you can shop and bank safely and enjoy a wealth of other features. In short, it’s a complete security solution.

You’re covered on all sides with Panda VPN. From malware and intrusion protection and personal firewall to online safety and anonymity. You can browse freely on up to 5 devices with high speed and unlimited bandwidth.

All-in-all, this package provides a wide suite of ‘iron-clad security essentials’ all for a very acceptable subscription price. It’s used by people of all ability levels and can be tailored to individual needs. Features like data protection, password manager, device location and remote control have also won praise, as well as Panda’s app lock and call blocker.

✅ Premium antivirus and Pro VPN included
✅ Works across all, and up to 25, devices
✅ Latest updates included automatically

X Not all features are available on all devices

Get all-in-one access to Avira’s full range of protection, privacy and performance services with Avira Prime. Including Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira Phantom VPN Pro, Avira Software Updater Pro and Avira System Speedup Pro – not a bad haul!

What’s more? It works for up to 25 devices and comes with a bunch of free services that fully integrate with Avira Prime. You also get real-time information through Avira Prime’s central dashboard, informing you of device and service status.

Overall, Avira Prime has all bases covered. This is one complete bundle of security gems. It will secure your online shopping and banking, encrypt your web communications, optimise PC performance and automatically patch up security vulnerabilities.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re taking cybersecurity seriously – and you most definitely should – these bundles come to your rescue. We think that you will all agree that all five boast a range of features to suit all your needs, and budget!

Don’t know your VPN from your anti-virus? Fear not, if you’re not completely informed about all things cybersecurity, we’re here to help! Check out FileHippo’s Beginner’s Guide to Malware, Viruses and Spyware Online.

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