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A Shattered Collection of My Best Memories: An Immediate Solution Thanks to Stellar Photo Recovery

Who doesn’t love creating new memories and saving them as photos on a smartphone, PC, or any other digital media? While many of us share some on social media, we keep the most precious and private ones to ourselves. Sadly, my hard drive of photos became corrupted, which held images…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

BlueStacks App Player Takes Your Mobile Apps To Your PC
Are you a Candy Crushaholic? Can’t get enough of Ruzzle Adventure or Farm Heroes Saga? Join the club. But are you also tired of draining your battery or trying to activate the controls on the tiny touchscreen? Then you’d probably like to play those same addictive games (or use... Read more
Differential Backups Come To Macrium Reflect Free
Backing up your PC is always a good idea. It’s the ideal way to protect your important files from data issues, hardware failure, and  virus attacks. If you use a simple file-based backup system, it’ll be quick, but mostly because you’ll be leaving a lot behind: browser favorites, contacts,... Read more
GeoGebra Means No Excuses For Not Studying Maths This Summer
There are lots of summer bridging activities that promise basic remediation and skill building over the holiday months, but very few of them combine as many maths courses as GeoGebra. And thanks to its recent update, the software offers even more for students, especially since it includes statistics, graphing... Read more
Fantastical 2 Comes To Apple Watch
As promised, this week Flexibits updated Fantastical 2 for the iPhone to version 2.3, adding support for the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch app includes a list of all upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, quick access to your daily schedule via Glance, and the ability to add events... Read more
TeamViewer Updates QuickSupport App, Improves Speed
TeamViewer recently updated their QuickSupport mobile application to provide service technicians with the ability to offer faster, more efficient remote support to Android devices from any Windows computer. The unveiling of the new QuickSupport version ensures service techs that they can connect to mobile devices up to three times... Read more
Firefox 38 Update Integrates Pocket Service
This week, Firefox has announced the addition of a new feature when Mozilla updated their popular web browser to version 38. Pocket, a read-it-later service designed for saving text and video, will now be fully integrated into Firefox that will help users save articles, videos, and websites that they... Read more
AnyDesk Update Lets You Work From…Any Desk
If you’re located anywhere north of the equator, you’re probably thinking summery thoughts right about now (and who could blame you, since you’re probably at work). One of the greatest things about our current state of digital and tech connectivity is the ability for many of us to work... Read more
PowerArchiver 2015 Update Packs Mega Features In One Space
Users looking for a really great archiving tool in an easy-to-use, familiar-looking interface will find PowerArchiver to be just the tool they need in their toolboxes. And with the 2015 update that was nine months in the making, there’s even more to love about this great product. As with... Read more
Dropbox Gets Material Design-based Facelift
Dropbox, the greatest concept in the history of having to move a large amount of content from one computer to another, got a much-needed and long-awaited update last week, one that’s in line with the shift driven by Google’s Material Design. Like most other apps that are jumping on... Read more
New Update To Calibre For Mac Available
Calibre ebook library management software is some of the most well-known and widely used freeware for converting documents and ebooks to a variety of formats for different reading devices. While self-published authors have long been cautioned against using Calibre as a means to format their books for retail upload... Read more
DVDFab PC Backup Released
DVDFab, already well-known for their movie backup software, has recently released a PC Backup to their line of products. DVDFab PC Backup is a Windows based backup software that can be used to clone apps, disk images, documents, emails, music, photos, shared files, videos. Users can even go so... Read more
Latest Evernote Update Launches Premium Service
One of the world’s most beloved organizational apps is Evernote, and it’s currently everyone’s favorite darling when it comes to creating, storing, and retrieving information that you’ll need later. But besides the facelift… I mean, update… that the company has just released, Evernote has also launched its premium service... Read more
Software Updates To Boost Productivity, Cybersecurity
It’s easy to take the tools we use everyday for granted, especially if we don’t know what they’re not capable of. But a host of software updates have come out this month and the results are pretty amazing. For everything from enhanced video editing to integrated online document editing... Read more
Need To Convert Video Media? Try Any Video Converter
Any Video Converter is an All-in-One video converting tool with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed and excellent video quality. It allows you to effortlessly convert video files between every format! It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI... Read more
Need a Disaster Recovery Solution for your Mac? Try Disk Drill
Have you ever inadvertently deleted a file or folder that you really needed and just couldn’t figure out a way to recover it? Everyone should have at least one form of backup utility on their Mac, whether that be a Time Machine connected to a NAS drive or a... Read more
iRBeacon Device Makes Your Stuff A Little Bit Smarter
You may not be ready to pack up your belongings and move into a futuristic smarthouse just yet, but a new device called the iRBeacon can make you feel like your house is responding to your every command. That’s because the comparatively affordable iRBeacon–originally crowdfunded through an IndieGogo campaign... Read more
Need to Run Windows On Your Mac? Try Parallels
Have you ever needed to use Windows-based software for some reason, but you use a Mac? There are different workarounds for this issue. You could use Mac OS X’s Bootcamp too to natively run a Windows OS, but if you still need access to your files, programs and data... Read more
How To Bypass the Logon Screen on Windows 10
Microsoft Windows, as an operating system, is ok. I say ok, because I like some features of it and others I don’t. In every version of Windows that Microsoft has released, there have been some features that really standout. Windows 10 is no exception. Obviously it is still in... Read more