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Tor Browser: Private And Anonymous Browsing Made Simple
Easy to use software for online privacy, anonymity and security. Tor Browser is perhaps the single most accessible piece of software you can use to keep your online activities private and anonymous, while at the same time enhancing your security. It’s also incredibly easy to use, using as it does, a... Read more
Microsoft Edge Edges Out Other Browsers In Battery Test – Again
Microsoft claims Edge browser lasts longer and uses less power than the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox; beating Chrome by three hours andd Firefox by almost five! Microsoft says that a device running its Edge browser will last almost 80% longer than Firefox, and 35% longer than Chrome. Microsoft puts... Read more
Firefox 53 Finally Released: Drops Support For Windows Vista And XP
Upside is that latest browser release should boost performance and reduce crashes. Sadly, yet probably inevitably, support for Windows XP and Vista is no more. That’s right it’s gone, and it won’t be coming back. The Firefox browser was one of the last browsers to still support the older... Read more
Google Adds ‘Fact Check’ Flag To Search Results
New independently-verified ‘Fact Check’ tool added to news and search results. In response to the rise of ‘fake news’, Google has begun displaying fact-checking labels in search results highlighting news and information that has been independently quantified and vetted by third party fact checking organisations. ‘With thousands of new articles published... Read more
Privacy Search Engines And VPN Use On The Rise
Users are taking a stand against increased snooping by authorities.  Thanks to some shady political dealings over the course of the past week, concerned tech users across the US have a renewed focus on privacy. First the US Senate voted along party lines to overturn Obama-era privacy protections, then... Read more
Top 5 Alternative Browsers
For many, the web browsers pre-loaded onto our PCs and Macs are perfectly fine. They do everything we need, and after all, they’re the ones recommended by the manufacturers, right? Well, an increasing number of users are turning their backs on the pre-installed choices of Microsoft and Apple, instead... Read more
Edge And Safari Use On The Decline
Dip in popularity of pre-installed Microsoft and Apple browsers. There’s a mindset shift taking place in the tech world, and it appears to be one that rebels against “forced” software and web browser choices. New reports have indicated that both the Microsoft Edge browser that came pre-installed with Windows 10... Read more
Firefox 52 Bans Plugins And Is First Browser To Use WebAssembly
Firefox 52 bans plugins except for Flash, warns users about logins on unencrypted websites, and claims to run processor intensive apps at nearly the same speed as native code. Mozilla have quietly released their latest browser, Firefox 52 into the wilds of the internet this week. In doing so... Read more
Powerful Ad Blocker Features In UC Browser v6.1
Improve your online experience with this popular Chrome-based browser. UC Browser is a fresh looking, Chromium-based browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of Chrome, plus some unique features to make your experience on the internet far more enjoyable. To make things even better, the latest version of... Read more
Google And Microsoft To Relegate Piracy Search Results In The UK
Two of the world’s leading search engines, Google and Bing have pledged to make it harder for internet users to find pirated content. Both Google and Microsoft have entered the voluntary agreement with the British government that will see their respective search engines make piracy websites harder to find... Read more
Word From Our Editor: How Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Know What You Love
Playlists and recommendations are the gateway to great discoveries, but just how do they work? We take a look at the science behind the magic. It’s fair to say we take a lot of pretty amazing technology for granted these days. Self-parking cars? Boring. 100mbps WiFi? Too slow man.... Read more
UC Browser For Windows: Like Chrome, With Extras
UC Browser is and has been one of the most popular mobile browsers for Android for quite a few years now and has garnered a reputation for being a fast and reliable browser. But the Chromium based browser is also available for Windows, and if anything, it’s better than... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Scams To Watch Out For On Amazon, WhatsApp And PayPal
Online fraud is on the rise and we’re all at risk… You’re too smart to be caught out by a scam, right? We probably all think it could never happen to us, but the fact is online fraud is on the rise – affecting millions of people around the... Read more
Popular Porn Sites Blocked In Philippines
Web users in the Philippines interested in a little virtual ‘me-time’ have found that some of the world’s most popular pornography websites have been blocked by ISPs. According to the BBC, customers of Sun Cellular, and Smart can no longer access online porn on either mobile devices or their... Read more
New Phishing Attack Steals Info Using Browser Autofill
Popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera and extensions such as LastPass, can be tricked into leaking private information using hidden text boxes, a Finnish developer has revealed. Autofill is great for those who spend a lot of time typing the same pieces of key personal data into websites,... Read more
New Norton Product Coming Soon: WiFi Privacy
The New Year is well and truly underway and we’re excited to reveal that Norton have announced the launch of a brand new product for 2017: WiFi Privacy. Due later this month, Norton WiFi Privacy offers you online privacy and anonymity via a VPN (virtual private network). This says... Read more
Google’s Top Searches Of 2016
Google, and what we as a species looked for from the World Wide Web in 2016… You may be surprised, but then again you probably won’t! Every year the Google search engine processes trillion of search requests using its custom-built algorithms. And last Wednesday the Californian based Mountain View company... Read more
Out With The Old: Harvesting Government Web Docs
There’s a major undertaking afoot, one that has brought together numerous agencies and volunteers in a race against the proverbial clock. Entire teams of librarians are working tirelessly to harvest information from government websites and store it in archives before it can be deleted following the inauguration of the... Read more