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Panic Software Founder Victim Of A Malware Attack
Steven Frank compromised through infected version of Handbrake app. Mildly misleading headlines aside, this isn’t about pointing fingers at people who should know better. In fact, it’s the opposite: if someone with this level of technological and computing know-how can become a victim of a malware attack, then anybody... Read more
Improve Your Cybersecurity With IObit Malware Fighter 5
We review the latest release from IObit, Malware Fighter 5. New data has shown that ransomware attacks, specifically ones that target certain industries, are on the rise. Hospitals and medical centers were highly sought after targets due to the fact that many organizations chose to pay the ransom rather... Read more
Secure your PC, Mac, or mobile device with Norton WiFi Privacy
Take charge of your public Wi-Fi security and privacy with Norton WiFi Privacy. If you’re not using a VPN when you connect over public Wi-Fi, you’re simply playing with fire. (If you’re not using a VPN even when you connect over your own network, you might also be playing... Read more
Top 5 Award Winning Antivirus
Antivirus software. We all know we should have it, right? But there’s a mind-boggling choice available and it’s hard to know what features you really need. So we’ve put together our Top 5 award-wining antivirus to help you pick the right one for you. There’s a mix of free... Read more
Avast Launch 2017 Software Line-Up
Publisher unveils four security and anti-virus titles. Security and anti-virus publisher Avast, has revealed its latest programs in the on-going war against the internet’s bad guys. Its line-up for 2017 includes: Avast Free Antivirus; Avast Pro Antivirus; Avast Internet Security; and Avast Premier. The lowdown Avast Free Antivirus Lightweight, state-of-the-art... Read more
Avast Premier Anti-Virus 2017 Reviewed
Ultimate PC security that doesn’t give your PC performance issues. Avast Premier Antivirus is a premium offering from one of the world’s most trusted and well-known brands who have a reputation for excellence. This latest security offering from Avast represents the cutting edge in the fight against malware and... Read more
Reason Core Security Removes Malware, Adware And Much More
Reason Core Security is a Windows-based antivirus that protects and removes malware, adware and much more. Hacking, data breaches, and zero day flaws keep making headlines every day, and new forms of cyberattack are a constant threat to government agencies, businesses, and individual users alike. With the current debate about... Read more
Save 25 Per Cent On Kaspersky Small Office Security
Tailor-made internet security for smaller businesses Smaller businesses face many of the same security threats as large enterprises. But they don’t have the same resources to deal with them. That’s why Kaspersky Lab developed Kaspersky Small Office Security. Designed specifically for businesses with 5-25 users, it’s easy to install... Read more
AVG FREE and AVG Internet Security Unlimited 2017 Reviewed And Approved!
AVG FREE + AVG Internet Security Unlimited: The Online Security You Need For 2017 For 2017, AVG Internet Security-Unlimited has a raft of new features that make it easier than ever to protect all your hardware from infection and malware attacks, and protect your whole family with advanced full protection... Read more
AVG Releases New Products For 2017
Security software heavyweights AVG have revealed three releases for 2017 – AVG Internet Security-Unlimited; AVG AntiVirus FREE; and AVG PC TuneUp. Developed to cover all your online security, antivirus, anti-malware and device-optimisation needs, this trio from AVG have much to offer users. So what’s new for 2017? AVG Internet... Read more
McAfee Finally Announces Security Flaw
Consumers have all the more reason to heed the warnings about updating their antivirus and antimalware software. It’s not just that it keeps you protected from threats that weren’t discovered when you first installed your software, but as security news surrounding McAfee’s VirusScan Enterprise for Linux shows, it might... Read more
Malwarebytes 3.0: Faster, Better, Free
Malwarebytes 3.0 is here. I won’t lie to you, I’ve always been a big fan of Malwarebytes, and I’ve been looking forward to testing (playing with) the latest version for a while… …But it has been worth the wait? Well yes, yes it has. It may have taken a... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Why You Need AntiVirus
If there’s one thing 2016 has taught us, it’s that it’s a scary world out there! Whether you’re a well-loved celebrity, a disillusioned voter, or a giant internet company brought to its knees by massive DDoS attack, this year has proved you can’t afford to be complacent… I’m going... Read more
Kaspersky Claims Microsoft Antivirus Practices Are Anti-Competitive
Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has accused Microsoft of deliberately making it difficult for independent 3rd party anti-virus companies to compete. In a blog post entitled, “Enough is Enough,” Kaspersky says that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the market, and is using business... Read more
How Safe Is Your Anti-Virus Protection?
Statistically, a better question than that headline would be: “Did you bother to install anti-virus software?” Given the high percentage of tech users who readily admit they don’t have any software or have not installed an update since purchasing their original title, that’s a scary but valid point. But... Read more
Zemana AntiMalware: Antivirus Software That Blocks The Threat Before It Occurs
There are a lot of options when it comes to antivirus software, but Zemana offers real-time scanning and sandboxing, without limits on removal. Viruses and malware are more rampant than ever, largely due to the fact that they work. And it’s not just the fact that black hat programmers... Read more
Protecting Your Tech With BullGuard Antivirus
There’s an alarming trend happening in the world of technology, one that affects everyone from thirteen-year-old girls who use their iPhones for Snapchat to company executives running Fortune 500 companies. It’s the unfortunate finding that use of antivirus and antimalware software is on the decline, not because we no... Read more
Antivirus Software Exposing Your Tech…And Your Kids?
It’s been drilled into consumers’ heads that they need antivirus software, but is it doing more harm than good? It’s frustrating enough for any IT pro or tech support guru to find out that consumers aren’t safeguarding their computers with strong antimalware protection, but a new study from Concordia... Read more