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Bitcoin Mining Scheme Results In $12M Fine
Homero Joshua Garza is being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, following fraud allegation.  GAW Miners and ZenMiner’s founder Homero Joshua Garza is being sued by the SEC, following a civil complaint alleging that the Bitcoin mining companies run by Garza and his brother, Carlos Garza, committed $19 million worth... Read more
Bitcoin Price Surges To $1800 Record High
Value of digital cryptocurrency continues to rise.  The digital cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has broken records again, eclipsing the $1700 record it had already broken just days earlier to settle at a new all time high price of over $1800. The new record price means that Bitcoin has increased its value... Read more
Hack Costs South Korean Yapizon Bitcoin Exchange $5 Million
Little-known bitcoin exchange suffered huge losses and ‘Fei’ token compensation offer outraged customers. Yapizon, a cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea was forced to admit last week, that an unknown hacker or group of hackers had been able to compromise its systems and steal over 3,800 bitcoin, currently valued... Read more
Bitcoin Hits $1000 For First Time In Three Years
Bitcoin, the world’s most well known cryptocurrency, has begun 2017 by rising above the $1000 mark for the first time in three years. The digital currency also performed better than any state central bank in the world, climbing 125% in 2016! While the currency has been known for its volatility... Read more
Banks Stock Up On Bitcoin For Cyber Ransoms
Banking experts are claiming that several high-profile banks have decided it’s cheaper to pay hackers in bitcoin than deal with damaging and embarrassing cyber attacks. According to cybersecurity company Malwarebytes, the City of London is a literal ground zero for ransomware attacks compared to the rest of Europe. The... Read more
Bitfinex Bitcoin Clients To Share 36% Hit To Asset Base Following Exchange Hack
Bitfinex, the popular online bitcoin storage exchange has told its users that they will all lose 36% of their assets following a cyber-attack. The exchange, based in Hong Kong, said it had lost up to $65m following the successful cyber-attack that occurred last week. News of the hack, and the... Read more
40% Of Businesses Targeted By Ransomware Alone
Ransomware is currently on track to become the most prevalent form of malware affecting business, with almost 40 percent of businesses experiencing a ransomware attack last year alone. According to a report by security firm, Malwarebytes, which surveyed 500 companies in four countries, their research found that one-third of targeted... Read more
Steem Cryptocurrency Increases 1000% In Value In 2Weeks
Steem, one of the new breed of digital cryptocurrencies looking to take some of Bitcoins dominance has soared in value by more than 1000%.  Steemit, the social media website behind the new currency, has seen the currency now valued at $250 million. “We have constructed perhaps the first blockchain... Read more
Taking Hospitals Hostage With Ransomware
When hackers first stumbled upon the treasure trove of personal identifiable information that hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ offices collected on their patients, the entire industry became a target for identity theft. With an afternoon’s worth of hacking, thieves could make off with hundreds of thousands of patients’ records;... Read more
Ransomware Attacks Are Life And Death
In today’s installment of “straight out of Hollywood” (literally and figuratively), a Los Angeles hospital was nearly crippled by a ransomware attack on its network. Hollywood Presbyterian had to revert to paper medical records and registration for admitted cases, while emergency room patients were actually diverted to other hospitals,... Read more
IBM Launches BitCoin Like Blockchain Technology To Get Ahead
Or rather, International Business Machines has announced that it will be making a big push to utilise the same blockchain technology that underpins crypto currency BitCoin. In a statement on its website, IBM unleashed a slew of announcements and investments yesterday all centred around the how it will look... Read more
Bitcoin Creator Finally Identified (Maybe)
According to Wired Magazine, Satoshi Nakamoto,  the pseudonym given to the creator of digital currency Bitcoin may be none other than 44 year old Australian cryptoligist Craig Steven Wright. ‘Either Wright invented bitcoin,’ Wired’s report states, ‘Or he’s a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he... Read more
Undercover US DEA Agent Jailed For Stealing Silk Road Bitcoins
The agent who pleaded guilty in July to stealing $700,000 worth of bitcoin has been jailed for his crimes. US undercover Drug Enforcement Agent, Carl M. Force was handed a prison sentence of 6 and a half years for admitting to charges of money laundering, obstruction of justice, and... Read more
Coinbase Releases A Redesigned Bitcoin Wallet App
Coinbase, the Bitcoin wallet app is now looking fresh and sleek after the app’s latest redesign. Along with the new design, the app also has a flurry of new and improved updates. This new makeover has come to both iOS and Android and it mostly appears to give users... Read more
Apple Pay & Bitcoin For NYC Parking Meters
The good ol’ people of New York City want to make it simpler for the users of the fair city to make it even easier to pay for their near 10 million annual parking tickets fines. The city is currently accepting peoples pitches for different payment systems that would... Read more
Bitcoin Exec Jailed for Silk Road Transactions
A former Bitcoin Foundation board member and CEO of the now-obsolete exchange BitInstant, Charlie Shrem, has been incarcerated for two years in prison for assisting Silk Road users swap cash for digital currency anonymously. As you will probably be aware, The Silk Road, was an online marketplace that was... Read more
Microsoft Starts to Accept Bitcoin for Windows, Windows Phone & Xbox
Microsoft is definitely  going through a transformation phase. What, with the latest acquisitions, mobile market changes and Windows developments it looks like the guys over at Redmond have really started to get it together again. So, it comes as no surprise (ok, a little surprise) that the company has... Read more
Dell Accepts Bitcoin
Despite a bumpy road, Bitcoin is still a big player in the financial world and the third largest PC seller on the planet, Dell, has become the latest in a long line of US retailers to begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment online. In recent months many... Read more