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This Smart Toothbrush Works with your Smartphone
It never ceases to amaze me how everything is getting the “smart” upgrade these days. We’ve got smartphones, smart cars, smart watches, smart TV’s, smart thermostats – and now we’ve also got a smart toothbrush. I’ve seen electric toothbrushes for years which claim to clean your teeth quite a... Read more
Sony Patent Reveals Voice Command To Skip TV Adverts
Have you ever found yourself shouting at the Television? I know I have. Wouldn’t it be great if you could alter your viewing from a voice command? Well, if Sony has their way pretty soon that could be a reality. Sony’s has a plan, which has been in development... Read more
Probably the Smartest Beer Mats in the World
The Danish brewer Carlsberg is introducing what they are saying is the world’s first ‘digital beer mat’.  Carlsberg has sent out NFC-enabled beer mats to over 200 pubs and bars in Denmark.  The aim is to support their Crowdit lifestyle app.  The app keeps users updated on the local... Read more
Check Out This Bluetooth Nintendo Controller
Modern day consoles are awesome, but they can’t really compare to the original Nintendo. I love the Xbox and PlayStation, but they can’t hold a candle to how I felt about the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). For me, the Nintendo had everything I could ever want in a... Read more
5 In-Car Must Haves

5 In-Car Must Haves

News July 25, 2014

A lot of top end cars rolling off the production line now have as much technology and gadgets built in as the latest NASA spacecrafts but unfortunately not all of us can go for the highest spec vehicles. So we’ve put together a collection of some of the best... Read more
Check Out This AirType Keyboard-less Keyboard
It doesn’t really matter what you use to do it – typing is just about the same on all devices. Oh, sure, it’s bigger on some devices and smaller on others, but the letters and the keys are pretty much all in the same spots, and you have to... Read more
iFind Makes Sure You Never Lose Anything Again
Most of us lose things all the time. And for many of us, we’re always guilty of losing the same thing day after day – our phone, our wallet, our keys, the checkbook – and it’s incredibly frustrating. There’s not many other ways to have a morning become more stressful than... Read more
Sunglasses You Can’t Lose, Thanks To Bluetooth
I don’t wear sunglasses very often, but it’s not because I like being blinded by the sun. It’s because I can’t ever seem to find them when I need them. And it’s either because I’ve taken them in the house from the car and laid them somewhere, or my... Read more
Wise Button Controls & Keeps Track Of Your Devices
Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had one device to control all of your other devices? Or, have you ever wanted to have a device that could easily tell you where you left one of your devices – especially when you can’t find your phone in the... Read more
This Thumb Ring is A New Gesture Controlled Gadget
Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular. The company behind the latest offering want to remove “all the stress and strain required while interacting with touchless devices”. Fin is a ring worn on your thumb. It can recognize each segment of the fingers and turns your whole palm into a... Read more
Thumb & Pinky Take Calls With These Bluetooth Gloves
Throughout the world there are some universal gestures, which no matter the culture or language, will be understood. For example, everyone knows that shaking your head means ‘no’. In a restaurant if you click you fingers in mid-air, usually a waiter or waitress comes running to assist you. Although... Read more
Bluetooth 4.1 Will Allow Headsets To Connect To The Internet Soon
It’s been a couple of years since I first heard online professionals ask, “What is the next big thing after the Internet?” I am still not sure that the next big thing is around the corner, but the “Internet of Things” is certainly making waves. Already acronymized as IoT,... Read more