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What is Cloud Storage Software?
For many people this type of software is absolutely priceless! Here we will explain why cloud storage software is so popular, and also give some top recommendations! Essentially, finding the best cloud storage software can be a complete game changer. It takes away A LOT of stress when it... Read more
Microsoft OneDrive Storage Gets Smaller
Microsoft is cutting its OneDrive customers off, dropping the free storage amount from 15GB to just 5GB. It’s been a pretty rough patch for Microsoft as of late, at least where consumer happiness is concerned. Following on the heels of several Windows 10 fiascos, the customer service department is... Read more
SpiderOak Gets An Update, Keeps Same Level Of Privacy
Data privacy and information security have been big news for quite some time, even before Edward Snowden made consumers aware that their cell phone records were being handed over to the government without warrants. But government access, hacking events, and data breaches seem to have done very little to... Read more
Google Drive Gets A Brand New Feature
On Tuesday, July 14th, Google unveiled a tiny but important change to Google Drive. With Google Drive’s latest feature, you can now control who is able to copy, download, or print the content you share using the service by disabling or enabling the feature. This new option is available... Read more
Dropbox Gets Material Design-based Facelift
Dropbox, the greatest concept in the history of having to move a large amount of content from one computer to another, got a much-needed and long-awaited update last week, one that’s in line with the shift driven by Google’s Material Design. Like most other apps that are jumping on... Read more
Microsoft Powers Up Its Azure Cloud Service
In the world of business and app development, cloud services are almost a requirement to keep your doors open. Besides the security of storage–an especially important factor for things like startups with innovative ideas and companies developing patented proprietary goods and services–cloud data storage also fosters connectivity, an important... Read more
Amazon Cloud Drive Users Can Now Get Unlimited Storage
There are numerous storage solutions out there on the Internet to choose from. I guess your choice all boils down to how much do you want to spend in relation to how much data you have to store. There is also the fact that you could be very picky... Read more
Google Play Music Will Let You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free
Have you been looking for a place in the cloud to store all of the digital music you have stored on your hard drive? Maybe a better question would be, “Have you been looking for a place to store it without spending a bunch of money?” After all, you’ve... Read more
Digital Asset Management vs Cloud Storage
We all store our content in different ways. Some people use local storage, varying from HDD to NAS, others use software in the form of Cloud File Storage. Still other people choose to use DAM software. If you run a business, then more than likely you will need your... Read more
Amazon Prime Members Now Get Free Unlimited Photo Storage
I don’t know about you, but for me, the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account are starting to outweigh the benefits of not having one. I had a free 30-day trial some time ago and enjoyed it, but ultimately decided to save my money. I’m starting to reconsider.... Read more
The Latest Version Of Dropbox Is Now Available
Cloud storage is the best way to store your data away from a localised area.  There are many advantages to this way of storing your data.  Among the many companies that are on the market today that provide this type of service, Dropbox is the easiest way to store,... Read more
iOS8 Glitch Spotted By Microsoft So They Up Storage On OneDrive To 30GB
In the wake of iPhone 6, Microsoft is offering 30GB of OneDrive space for free through a limited-time offer.  The technology giant had doubled its free OneDrive offer from 7.5GB to 15GB in June of this year, but they have now doubled it again to a fairly decent 30GB of... Read more
The Latest Version Of Dropbox is Now Available
Cloud storage is the way to store your data away from a localised area. There are many advantages to way of securing your data. Among the many firms that provide this service, Dropbox is amongst the easiest way to store, sync and share files online. Main Features: File Sync:... Read more
Download The Latest Version Of SpiderOak
SpiderOak is an application which combines online backup, secure file sync and sharing in a cloud based service.  The desktop client is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems. Once your account has been created, you can have access to several gigabytes of free storage. ... Read more
Download The Latest Dropbox Update
Cloud storage is a great way to keep your data away from a localised area.  There are many advantages to this way of securing your data.  Among the many companies which provide this type of service, Dropbox is amongst the easiest way to store, sync and share files online. Dropbox features... Read more
Microsoft’s OneDrive Released with Free Storage
Microsoft started the year with a move that proved to be followed by many other changes, in particular, I’m referring to its January announcement that its cloud storage service SkyDrive would be rebranded to OneDrive. While I personally think there is nothing wrong with the SkyDrive branding, Microsoft ran... Read more
Microsoft Forced to Rename Skydrive
Microsoft will change the name of its cloud storage service, Skydrive, following a legal challenge from BSkyB. A High Court judge ruled that the name infringed on BSkyB’s trademark and said that there was evidence that Skydrive’s name had resulted in confusion amongst the general public. Although Microsoft were... Read more
NASA Fails in Cloud Computing Security
The space agency NASA has been increasingly moving data to the cloud but according to a new report from the agency’s Office of the Inspector General, NASA needs to work on strengthening its information technology security practices. “We found that weaknesses in NASA’s IT governance and risk management practices... Read more