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Dodgy Downloads – What to Look Out For
Protect yourself from dubious downloads with our handy guide to staying safe online.  The internet’s great, isn’t it? Infinite variety and everything you want is just a click away – what’s not to love?! Well, as many of us have experience first hand, sadly all that glitters is not... Read more
Are Computer Hackers Days Numbered? New Server From IBM Aims To Encrypt Everything
New Z series mainframes will take some beating. IBM claim the 14th generation of its Z series mainframes can encrypt 12 billion transactions a day, and with one click can encrypt the entire contents of a mainframe, making its contents virtually useless to hackers. As data breaches across companies and... Read more
Kaspersky Fends Off Allegations Of Russian Spying
Response clarifies statements published in Bloomberg Businessweek. The spy games are afoot these days, or at least the accusations of such games are flying. From stolen NSA cybertools that led to the WannaCry ransomware attack to Russian interference in the recent US presidential election, the media has its hands full... Read more
Mousing Your Way Free Of Identity Theft
Faked identities detected by mouse movements. Tech experts are fighting a never-ending battle against identity thieves, and have a variety of tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, as quickly as they come up with a new way to fight back against this crime, hackers come up with new ways to... Read more
Improve Your Cybersecurity With IObit Malware Fighter 5
We review the latest release from IObit, Malware Fighter 5. New data has shown that ransomware attacks, specifically ones that target certain industries, are on the rise. Hospitals and medical centers were highly sought after targets due to the fact that many organizations chose to pay the ransom rather... Read more
How Little US Users Know About Cybersecurity
Survey reveals some shocking gaps in cybersec knowledge. The old jokes about a grandmother trying to work her first computer are funny because the struggle is real (just ask anyone who’s had to help her learn to work her email account). But the reality behind those memes is far... Read more
Over Half Of All Pcs Running Out Of Date Software
More than 50% of software installed on PCs including the most popular, critical and security related applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Java and Flash are out of date. That’s according to Avast, anyway, who just released their Avast PC Trends Report January 2017. The report, based on the anonymous data... Read more
Russian Military Announces Significant Cyber War Effort Increase
Russia has announced plans to increase spending on its armed forces, and the creation of a new branch of its armed forces to focus on information warfare, the country’s defence minister has said. Declaring increases to spending on more troops, missiles and planes, the Russian defence minister, Sergey Shoygu,  said... Read more
Word From Our Editor: National Cyber Security Centre Highlights Scale Of Threat
New centre is the public face of the government’s online security efforts. On February 14, the Queen officially opened the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Based in central London, it can be viewed as the public face of the UK Government’s fight against cybercrime. All the sexy, top-secret, national... Read more
The Damage Of Data Breaches
Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report shows staggering cost of breaches. Data breaches have been setting new records almost every year for the past decade, and as such, the numbers of compromised consumer records floating around the dark web is astronomical. But while companies of every size and in every industry... Read more
Anonymous Declares War On Trump
Hacktivist group Anonymous turns attention to Donald Trump If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end like some people feared. Yes, the US Presidential inauguration may have gone ahead as planned, but the Y2K-like predictions of planes falling from the sky did not. One group, however, has threatened to spend... Read more
Word From Our Editor: CUJO, The Next Big Thing In Cyber Protection
Every now and then a new piece of tech comes along that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, wow, I need this in my life! CUJO is definitely one such piece of tech. Simply put, CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home (or... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Privacy, Security And VPNs – What The ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Means For You
Despite months of debate, outrage by campaigners, and a petition signed by more than 130,000 people asking the UK government to repeal it, the Investigatory Powers Bill has now received Royal Assent and is likely to become law early 2017. According to the government, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016... Read more
PayPal Works To Crack Down On Cyberthieves
With projected internet shopping this holiday season reaching as high as $91 billion globally, the goals for most consumers is to pay for all those goods without getting ripped off. While some shoppers rely on the inherent protections offered by their credit card companies, many rely on an escrow-style... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Why You Need AntiVirus
If there’s one thing 2016 has taught us, it’s that it’s a scary world out there! Whether you’re a well-loved celebrity, a disillusioned voter, or a giant internet company brought to its knees by massive DDoS attack, this year has proved you can’t afford to be complacent… I’m going... Read more
6,000 Online Shops Have Embedded Malicious Code
Web shops around the world have unknowingly been seeded with malicious code that is stealing the credit card details of its customers, new research suggests. Almost six thousand online shops and stores have had skimming scripts installed on their networks as part of a large and continuously active campaign... Read more
Hackers Breach US State Election Boards
In the Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy “The Campaign,” the quintessential good guy loses the election. He bemoans the results by saying he doesn’t understand what happened since he was ahead in the polls. The POV switches to the stickers on the voting machines; they were made by the victorious... Read more
Asia Business Worst For Cybersecurity Globally
According to a report by US security company Mandiant, Asian businesses are the most poorly defended in the world against cybersecurity attacks. The yearlong study identified the fact that cybersecurity breaches, on average took almost three times as long to be discovered compared to the global average. While businesses... Read more