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LogMeIn Hamachi Gets An Update On FileHippo
The data security and privacy sector has been promoting the benefits of a VPN for everyone from companies with proprietary content to grandmas who are playing around on Facebook. In light of the constant news of data breaches, hacking events, and yes, even governments spying on their own citizens’... Read more
Cybersecurity Report: Elite Hackers, Or Human Error?
Two new cybersecurity reports were released this week and they brought some surprising news: hackers don’t have to be great at what they do… employees do the hard work of infiltrating a network for them. The reports–conducted separately by Verizon Communications and Symantec–showed that the biggest threat to business... Read more
Criminals Using Apple Pay For Fraud Transactions
The new mobile payment system, Apple Pay, is being used by criminal gangs to buy high-value goods, often from Apple Stores, with identities and credit card details that have been stolen. With around two million Americans already using the system, this is a big security issue. Apple Pay was introduced... Read more
How to Create a Secure Password
With the phone hacking scandal and this week’s Russian webcam website, the issue of insecure passwords is on everyone’s minds. An astonishing number of people either do not change their password from the original default (often Admin or 1234) or choose something so obvious that their password may as... Read more
How To Secure Your Wireless Network
Do you use a Wireless network in your home? They are great in terms of flexibility, but you do need to protect your network against hackers. Lots of people assume their home router is not at any risk, but that is not correct. Wireless networks use radio waves, which... Read more
Strong Passwords: How To Make Them
It is commonplace to see the phrase “Be sure to use a strong password.”  In fact, if you have any dealings whatsoever online, then you will constantly see it.  Why should you have a strong password? Well, for one thing if you don’t and your data is easily accessed,... Read more
How To Run A Quick Scan Using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would put money on the fact that either you or someone you know have been affected by rogue software at some point.  Whether that be a Virus, Worm, Ransomeware, or a Trojan or any other kind of Malware... Read more
How To Scan An External Drive For Malware Using Avast!
If your computer becomes infected with malware, it may not just affect your computer’s primary hard drive. They can also find their way into devices such as flash drives or external hard drives as well. Avast! Free Antivirus is able to perform a complete scan of your external hard... Read more
How to Set Up A Passcode On iPad
Security is a big thing these days isn’t it?  It is a wise move to lock down all of your devices in one way or another.  Take your tablet for instance.  By setting a passcode on your Apple iPad, you can protect your data in case it is lost... Read more
How To Keep Your Children Safe Online
The Internet is a place filled with so much knowledge and entertainment, that you would not be able to come close to seeing even half of it in your lifetime.  Everybody should have access to this wonderful tool of information, from young ones to older ones alike.  A massive... Read more
Microsoft Products May Be Compromising Cutting Edge Research
It’s no secret that Microsoft has serious issues with security. It’s almost normal for us to hear news about the “latest” vulnerability in one product or another. But there is also the problem of government spying on data. For the individual, this may be an irritation at the very... Read more
How To Protect Your Data
As we all store an increasing amount of sensitive information on our smartphones, protecting our data is vitally important. Just consider, the last time you connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, did you even stop for a moment to consider what risk you were putting your private data under? I... Read more
Xbox One Secure Login Hacked By 5-Year-Old
We all know kids are smart. Just how smart? Well, many are smart enough to figure out how to get into cookie jars, behind locked doors, and they always figure out where you’re hiding the candy. I’m never very amazed when I hear that a young child figured out... Read more
Cyber Security To Be Taught in UK Schools
The UK government has just outlined plans to teach children as young as 11 about careers in cyber-security. These new proposals were welcomed by the Cyber Security Skills Alliance. Speaking on its behalf, Sir David Pepper said a national shortage of cyber skills was “a key issue” for businesses... Read more
Forget About Passwords…How About Passwatches & Passrings?
If you’re a person who is tired of having to remember password after password, there may be good news on the horizon for you. Anymore, it seems as if there is a password (or multiple passwords) for everything. After a while, all of those different passwords can get ridiculously... Read more
32% of PCs Infected with Malware
Protect yourself, why? We are always told to protect ourselves against viruses and rogue programs and be careful what emails we open, etc, etc, etc, but it begs the question, why? What harm can it do? We should all be aware of and know how to protect ourselves from... Read more
Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order for 2013
The reaction to President Obama’s decision to issue an executive order regarding cybersecurity in the U.S. has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been met with a mixed response.  Many different groups have expressed criticism of the order.  Some say that it doesn’t go far enough, and that it doesn’t provide enough protection.... Read more
Cybersecurity Executive Order Expected in February
Big changes are coming in regards to cybersecurity in the United States.  Expectations are such that President Barack Obama will soon be issuing a long awaited cybersecurity executive order.  It is thought that the executive order will result in a voluntary program that would set a uniform minimum security... Read more