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Control Your Security & Privacy With Secure Browser
Despite all the hype and attention that surrounds the “Big Three” of internet browsers, there are far more options than the standard internet user may realize. Each of the lesser-known options has its best features and its selling points, but there may be no bigger factor in this current... Read more
Facebook Changes WhatsApp Privacy Rules Despite Promises Not To
Facebook’s hope that it could relax the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, without kicking up a fuss, hasn’t worked, and has caused a worldwide backlash.   When Facebook bought out WhatsApp for $19 billion back in 2014, the encrypted messaging app’s CEO Jan Koum said,... Read more
iOS10 Is Unencrypted…On Purpose
Apple’s preview of iOS10 revealed something shocking: a lack of encryption on the kernel’s code. Uttering the words “Apple” and “encryption” in the same sentence might raise a few eyebrows, especially in the wake of the now-famous legal battle involving Apple being compelled by a US court to develop... Read more
WhatsApp Makes The Jump To Desktop!
Facebook’s WhatsApp has just released its Desktop App for Windows 8 (and above) and Mac OS 10.9 (and above), making it available on all major platforms. But it is undeniably great timing for them too, and good news for laptop and PC users worldwide, as they also just recently... Read more
WhatsApp Switches On Encryption For A Billion Users
WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People…. As any regular reader of our news section here at FileHippo can’t but have failed to have noticed over the last 6 weeks, the ongoing legal feud between Apple and the FBI has been an omnipresent story that for a... Read more
Tech Companies Set To Increase Encryption Protocols
As the ongoing legal battle between Apple and the FBI keeps going on and on,  a host of other Silicon Valley operators have clearly signalled which side of the fence they’re sitting on. Facebook, Google, Snapchat and others are seemingly working on increasing their own encryption methods in the... Read more
Locky Rides Crest Of Global Ransomware Surge
Tech security firms have warned that the world’s array of internet connected devices are currently in the midst of a massive surge in the number ransomware attacks being distributed via junk mail. This latest escalation in attempted cybercrime is mostly being blamed on the sudden rise of a new... Read more
ISIS Struck By Internal Data Breach
It seems like you can’t do anything these days without dealing with the bureaucracy of it all. Forms to fill out, regulations to follow, miles and miles of red tape…and of course, the ever-present and usually outdated technology. Everyone from schools to retailers to even the government has to... Read more
DROWN can crack HTTPS In Less Than A Minute
Expert have warned that Websites could be exposing themselves to an attack that can break and exploit HTTPS encryption protections in less than a minute. Yep, that’s right. There’s another branded exploit out there, and this one is causing more concern than most. More than 33% of servers worldwide... Read more
Hackers Decrypt 11 Million Ashley Madison Passwords
Decryption of 11 million Ashley Madison passwords by hobbyist hackers brings more woe to Ashley users. Stolen password data was thought to be secure; shock, horror, surprise…it wasn’t. But just how much are Ashley Madison themselves responsible for using simple and easy to break passwords? It’s the data... Read more
ZenMate Chrome Browser Plug-In Adds Layer Of Privacy
Data security and personal privacy are hot topics in the tech world right now. News like the recent AshleyMadison breach–and the hugely embarrassing resulting aftermath, especially for key celebrities–has made even the most basic of tech users think twice about hopping online and browsing around. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use... Read more
MegaChat Encrypted Service Launched
Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur, has just announced the release of an encrypted chat service, called MegaChat. The service is to compete with the widely used and Microsoft-owned, Skype. The new features will be rolled out gradually, with the initial services starting off with video-calling, Dotcom said. This news has... Read more
Encrypt your Keystrokes with AntiLogger
AntiLogger is a very powerful and efficient app which can block various attempts by hackers to access your PC. Although the application is very lightweight, it can detect any attempts to modify your computer’s settings and place malicious code in your system. The app can also detect when someone... Read more
Crucial New Breakthrough For Quantum Cryptography
Finally there is some good news for cryptography. Even though it was discovered that the NSA could overcome the most common  web encryption standards, a Toshiba research lab has announced a crucial breakthrough in quantum cryptography, potentially making way for a new generation of private communications networks. Quantum cryptography... Read more
The Heat Is On For Web Firms Master Encryption Keys
Internet Companies use master keys for their web encryption and the NSA and FBI are trying to gain access to these, now whether this is legal or not, it has not stopped the United States government from trying.  These demands for master encryption keys, which, as you would expect, have... Read more