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Despite all the hype and attention that surrounds the “Big Three” of internet browsers, there are far more options than the standard internet user... Control Your Security & Privacy With Secure Browser

Despite all the hype and attention that surrounds the “Big Three” of internet browsers, there are far more options than the standard internet user may realize. Each of the lesser-known options has its best features and its selling points, but there may be no bigger factor in this current digital climate than privacy and security.


Secure Browser was built with complete privacy in mind, intent on making sure no one tracks the user’s history or can access it later. That’s why closing out the browser automatically deletes the browsing and search histories, the cookies, and more. It might be annoying to those who want to “autocomplete” their search terms based on what they have viewed in the past, but for those who recognize the potential for harm–especially those looking for a secure browser to protect proprietary information related to their work–this is a huge plus.

But that only prevents outsiders who’ve gained access to your computer or device from seeing what you’ve been up to. What about real-time protection? Secure Browser gives you the option to activate its tracking protection feature. Even the sites you visit won’t know you’ve been there.

One of the major security pitfalls is in the way users communicate online, which is why Secure Browser has addressed encryption. According to the company, Secure Browser lets you “encrypt your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Automatically switch thousands of sites from insecure ‘http’ to secure ‘https,’ protecting yourself at all times online. We have enabled HTTPS Everywhere produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in an easy to manage service.”

This browser also offers a “safe” mode for browsing, powered by Google, that alerts you to malicious code or harmful sites in real time. Google has made headlines lately for its web alerts that will inform users about the threat as they browse, and Secure Browser’s alert system is powered in the same way.

But all of this security and privacy is useless if the speed isn’t there. It’s all well and good to lock yourself in a tower, after all, but pointless in the end if you can’t climb down. Secure Browser has addressed the page load speed issue by targeting lag times at the source: advertising. The company estimates that as much of 60% of the time it takes for a page to load is related to ads, and its ad-blocking feature means you not only get pestered by annoying ads, you don’t get bogged down in them either. Of course, browser speed starts at the source, and Secure Browser was built on the Chromium rendering engine to ensure that your websites load efficiently and quickly.

To try out Secure Browser for yourself, take a look at this free download.