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Should Budget for ‘You Need a Budget’?
Do you need You Need A Budget? While that might seem like a typo (or some kind of obscure Zen koan), we’re simply posing a question regarding the app called You Need A Budget, which we’ll call YNAB (like they do) from here on out to eliminate any confusion.... Read more
Stripe Reimagines The Concept Of Payday
In the world of mobile wallets, instant payment systems, and accessories that let you swipe a customer’s credit card through your smartphone or tablet, there’s one segment of the retail population that has so far gone unloved: the wage earners. With access to instant forms of payment, one company... Read more
Xero Accounting Software Leads The Cloud
One of the hardest aspects of running a business of any size is the accounting and bookkeeping. That difficulty is only compounded when the company isn’t large enough to add an accounting department, but instead is trying to juggle balancing the books and sending off the checks while at... Read more
PayPal Is Upping The Ante In Mobile Payments
Not too long ago, PayPal moved in a new direction and got a new guy to head the company. David Marcus has gotten some good feedback, thanks to the things he has been doing for the company, and recently, we heard about a new acquisition which does have some... Read more
PayAnywhere – The New App That Makes Payments Easy
This new app is designed to work with most mobile devices to allow you to accept credit cards, no matter who you are.  You can be a small local business, a big company, or an individual that wants to take credit rather than cash from people.  The app is... Read more
Cloud Accounting? Comparison Of The Top 3 Cloud Accounting Programs
Over the past few years, a lot of traditional accounting programs have moved from desktop applications into cloud-based programs. There is no better example of this than accounting software. Software from makers such as QuickBooks and Peachtree has gone cloud, rather than desktop. With cloud accounting programs users can... Read more