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5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10
It has never been so easy to communicate via the internet. It’s getting to the point where the youth of today don’t know the difference between an SMS or MMS text. That’s because there are so many free messaging apps for us to use when we want and how... Read more
Free Video Editing Software to Try Today
Sometimes you watch a video and just think – ‘wow’. We’re truly spoilt these days when it comes to the production of crisp, clear and powerful footage. But what if we told you that you could achieve the same results with free video editing software? It may sound too... Read more
UC Browser: As Good On Windows As It Is On Android
Of course it goes without saying that if you own an android phone or tablet already then you’ve probably used UC Browser already, and quite liked it. UC Browser has been one of the go-to browsers of choice of android users for a number of years, and now it’s... Read more
FileHippo Smashes The 3,000,000,000 Download Barrier
Yep, that’s right, FileHippo passed a very significant milestone recently. Last month we officially passed the 3 billion download mark, and if you don’t mind us saying, we do feel quite proud of that figure. Where It All Began was started by two software enthusiasts in 2004. We’re really proud of... Read more
The Best Gets Better: CCleaner’s Latest Update
There are a few applications that every tech user–from the IT expert down to those who do little more than email and Solitaire–needs to have in the arsenal. A strong, updated antivirus and anti-malware package is vital, a really powerful, updated browser is a must, and a highly-functional but... Read more
Kaspersky Looks Back At Cyber Security Stats For 2015
2015 has been the year that the phrase “Cyber Crime” went mainstream, became cool, and also the year that saw next to exponential growth with everything and anything to do with cybersecurity. That is at least according to Kaspersky in their overall summary for the last 12 months.  The... Read more
My top 5 Free Software titles of 2015
It’s been a good year for Free Software, and I knows that I do like me some good free software. This year, like every year at FileHippo we’ve done our best to bring you, the people of internet the best free software available. I’ll be honest with you, I... Read more
Avira Takes Freemium.Com To Court
MUNICH, Germany (October 29, 2015) Avira, the world renowned antivirus and anti-malware tech giant, is taking to court for allegedly “…confusing users into installing unwanted programs that can compromise users’ privacy or weaken their computer’s security.” In a move widely being reported as the first of its kind,... Read more
Opera Unveils New Branding And Logo
Opera: New Logo, New Direction? Opera, the popular and evergreen web browser for both desktop and mobile environments has got itself a new logo, and a new brand identity. The move is, according to the company themselves, however, more than just about replacing the old red “O” logo with... Read more
Firefox Set To Be More Like Chrome In The Future
Serious changes will soon be coming to everyone’s favorite fox themed browser, and the revolution is taking place at a fundamental level.  Firefox 43, due for final release by Mozilla in December, is to make use of a new extension API, that Mozilla have decided to name as “WebExtensions.” This new API extension... Read more
5 Free Word Processor Alternatives To Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word dominates word processing. Seen as the global standard for business everywhere, it’s used in pretty much every office and every student bedroom the world over. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft Word is the only option. There are literally dozens of free word processor alternatives out there. Below... Read more
LibreOffice Releases Update On FileHippo
As champions for making the tech world a better place through free access for all to its entire suite of tools, The Document Foundation–creators of the amazing LibreOffice suite–is leading the way in changing how we look at software. Instead of building in restrictive features that require you to... Read more
Avira Free Antivirus 2015 Review
Avira Free AntiVirus (2015) is a reliable program designed to keep your operating system secure and protected. With features like an antivirus scanner that provides complete protection against malware, a browser tracking blocker that prevents ad networks from monitoring your every move online, deal finder, safe browsing that blocks... Read more
Concerned About Privacy On Your Mac? Try Little Snitch
Your Firewall provides protection against unwanted access from the Internet. Little Snitch gives you control over your private outgoing data, so you can have control over your privacy. With Little Snitch you can track your background activity. As soon as your computer connects to the Internet, applications will often have... Read more
Firefox 37.0 For Mac OS Released
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser. Although the browser’s market share is lower for OS X, it is still one of the most popular browsers available on the Mac platform. The key features that have made Mozilla Firefox so popular are the simple... Read more
Is Your HDD A Mess? Get It In Order With Xinorbis
Is your HDD a mess? Do you know what files and folders contain what data and media on your computer? If you don’t, you are not alone. It would be great if you could search through your HDD, SSD or NAS and locate duplicated files and folders without have... Read more
Need To Capture Your Screen in High Definition? Check Out liteCam HD
Have you ever wanted to record your computer screen but don’t know how? All you need is liteCam HD. liteCam HD is really simple-to-use computer screen recorder, which helps you create professional-looking HD videos with ease. liteCam HD lets you record anything on your PC screen. You can record with... Read more
360 Internet Security Updated And Renamed 360 Total Security Essential
The new 360 Internet Security from QIHU, has just been released with new engines, a fresh new look and a new name. The new 360 Internet Security Essential is a high quality, free antivirus product for all your security needs. 360 Total Security Essential builds upon the strength and security... Read more