There are a few applications that every tech user–from the IT expert down to those who do little more than email and Solitaire–needs to have in the arsenal. A strong, updated antivirus and anti-malware package is vital, a really powerful, updated browser is a must, and a highly-functional but “runs in the background” cleaner is important.


Did we mention “updated?”

One of the biggest mistakes novice computer users make is installing a suite of protective software and then never thinking about it again, meaning they skip out on the latest upgrades and updates. One of the most popular and powerful tools, CCleaner, has released an update that users have got to see for themselves.

CCleaner, as the name suggests, is quite possibly the world’s most popular freeware tool for clearing the junk, skeletons, and shadows of old files out of your hard drive. Once installed, it will even give you periodic but unobtrusive alerts as to how much disk space you’ve got that’s being chewed up by unused code. The recent update includes a number of corrections or enhancements, including:

  • New Browser Plugins section for browser start up management.
  • Improved Google Chrome and Opera session cleaning.
  • Improved Disk Analyzer file scanning process.
  • Improved TeamViewer and PDF Creator cleaning.
  • Updated exception handling and reporting architecture.
  • Updated various translations.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

But CCleaner doesn’t just keep your system running smoothly and running faster. One of the chief benefits to running a clean like this is that it helps protect your anonymity and your privacy by stripping away all the little markers that your browser and internet use have left behind. In this Wild West of computer privacy that we live in, a little bit more protection around our identities and our behaviors is definitely a good thing.