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Hacker ‘Weev’ Tries To Overturn Case
Andrew Auernheimer is currently serving a 41-month prison sentence for identity theft and conspiracy to gain unauthorised access to AT&T public servers.  The team of lawyers for Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer will appear in a US court on Wednesday to attempt to overturn a conviction they say has serious repercussions... Read more
Cyber Security To Be Taught in UK Schools
The UK government has just outlined plans to teach children as young as 11 about careers in cyber-security. These new proposals were welcomed by the Cyber Security Skills Alliance. Speaking on its behalf, Sir David Pepper said a national shortage of cyber skills was “a key issue” for businesses... Read more
Linux Bug Affecting More Systems
A severe bug in the open-source GnuTLS library, which is used by lots of Linux variants, will undermine the encryption which keeps Web traffic secure from attacks and is similar to the “goto fail” bug in Apple OS, which was discovered in February. If you are a Windows or a... Read more
Kickstarter Hacked

Kickstarter Hacked

InternetNews February 18, 2014

The popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, has had a serious security breach and the recommendation is to change your password on the website.  Also, their advice is to change your passwords that you use on any other websites, if you used the same password. Although the site was hacked, there... Read more
Your Car’s Computer System Can Be Hacked in Just 5 Minutes
When a person talks about something being hacked, normally they would be referring to a personal computer or smartphone, yet security researchers from Spain have been experimenting with a new target; your car. Javier Vazquez-Vidal and Alberto Garcia Illera have been preparing a small electronic device that can leave... Read more
Programmer Claims Responsibility For Malware Used in Target Data Theft
A programmer from Saratov, Russia, has claimed responsibility for arming the Kaptoxa malware used to steal personal details of about 110 million customers of the US retail chain Target and other stores. In a recent interview with the Russian website, Rinat Shabayev has admitted that he modified Kaptoxa (also known... Read more
Target Data Breach is Much Worse Than First Thought
If retail giant Target was hoping hoping to catch a break any time soon, they are now officially out of luck. Remember when it was reported in December that the credit card information from approximately 40 million guests was stolen from their physical stores all across the United States?... Read more
Rogue Smart Fridge Helps Spam 0.75 Million Email Accounts
Do you remember the 1986 movie written by Stephen King called Maximum Overdrive?  The premise is basically this: the earth passes through the green tail of a mysterious rogue comet for 8 days thereby making all of earth’s electrical equipment turn on mankind in an effort to destroy their... Read more
Microsoft Accounts Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army
Microsoft’s authorised blog and some of its Twitter accounts were hacked over the weekend.  Microsoft‘s blog and a couple of its Twitter accounts were breached by a group called the Syrian Electronic Army this past weekend.  This hacking came after the New Year’s hack of Microsoft’s Skype blogging site... Read more
UAE Says US Backdoors Found In Spy Satellites
The United Arab Emirates has allegedly discovered 2 ‘security compromising components’ supplied by the US, in military satellites provided by the French.  The UAE has reportedly threatened to cancel a 3.4 billion dirhams (£570m) deal to purchase 2 military satellites from France over claims that 2 US-supplied components compromise the security... Read more
NSA Was Able To Hack Your iPhone
It sounds as if The National Security Agency (NSA) has been able to hack the iPhone for the last 5 years, since 2008 in fact. According to a Der Spiegel interactive report that looks at the agency’s numerous tools used for intelligence work. One exceptionally interesting tool, codenamed “DROPOUTJEEP,” is an implant that was... Read more
5 Minute iOS 7 Jailbreak Released
It never takes hackers too long to figure out how to bypass Apple’s security rich features of their latest iOS and provide the world with details of how to Jailbreak their nice and shiny iPhones.  And iOS 7 is no exception.  The iOS7 Jailbreak has finally arrived and it... Read more
Meet TAO: The NSA’s Elite Hacking Team
I doubt that anyone would be surprised if the United States government went outright and said “We have an elite hacking team.” It’s the stuff we see in movies, but we also know that behind every conspiracy theory lies a grain of truth. No matter how small that grain... Read more
Leap Motion Security App Hacked
The new and innovative gesture control gadget, Leap Motion, which has just been released to the public three weeks ago, has already had more than a million app downloads, may have to check some of those programs security levels. A security team at Malwarebytes have already discovered how to... Read more
German Security Expert Claims Mobiles Can be Hacked Due To SIM Flaw
Karsten Nohl, a mobile security expert from Germany claims he has discovered a flaw in mobile SIM encryption technology, which allows him to hack a mobile phone, listen in on calls and even make payments using a  mobile phone. Nohl is the founder of Security Research Labs in Berlin.... Read more