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Report: Your phone number reveals more personal info than your name
According to a recent New York Times article, your phone number has loads of personal information attached to it.  Quite often, websites and apps ask us for our phone number when logging in or creating an account. However, by using searching for your phone number on, a hacker... Read more
Quora data breach sees 100 million users hacked
Quora, a question-and-answer website, has been hacked. Users are now being advised on how best to proceed. The brand announced on Tuesday December 4 that it had suffered a huge data breach. It is understood that the names and email addresses of around 100 million users have been compromised.... Read more
Malicious Code Causes WordPress Sites To Redirect To Scams
Outdated plugins exposed WordPress sites to hackers. Earlier this month, security researchers uncovered an alarming find: thousands of WordPress sites had been attacked and had malicious code injected into their pages. By going after vulnerabilities in outdated plugins, hackers caused these pages to redirect to tech support scams. These... Read more
Mirai Botnet Creators Helping FBI Will Avoid Jail Time
The three young hackers expected to be sentenced to work for the FBI instead of jail time. The three notorious hackers behind one of the most powerful pieces of malware ever used on the open internet, the Mirai Botnet, have been working with the FBI for more than a year…according to documents filed in a... Read more
Uber, Lyft Spoofed For Phishing
The inevitable threat to new tech hits lift-sharing services. The internet has given birth to a whole new way for hardworking individuals to earn a serious income. In today’s gig-economy, employers and workers all over the world can connect for both one-and-done opportunities and years’-long working relationships. Unfortunately, this... Read more
Third Hacker Jailed For Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Nude Photo Hack
The fourth man involved is due to be sentenced next month. On Tuesday 28th August, a 26-year-old male found himself sentenced to nine months in prison for his part in the 2014 hacking of the online iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, a host of other celebrities, and stealing the private information, including nude photos. The photos were later posted online and a basic... Read more
Teen Pleads Guilty In Apple Hacking Case
Kids these days, right? A little juvenile mischief used to involve shoplifting a pack of gum or spray painting your name on a bridge outside of town. Now, it involves hacking into the world’s first trillion-dollar company, Apple, over the course of about one year. An unnamed Australian teenager–his... Read more
Tech Support Scammers Use Optimization Tools
New report by Symantec shows tech support scammers have been using call optimization software. When you run a business of any size–but especially a small operation with limited funding and a team that has to work hard while wearing many hats–it’s vital that you take advantage of cost effective... Read more
Idaho Prisoners Hack Prison Issue Tablets And Give Themselves $225,000 In Credits 
One inmate transferred almost $10,000 to their JPay account.  News has emerged that hundreds of Idaho inmates across five prisons in the US state of Idaho managed to easily exploit a vulnerability in their personal prison issue tablets and then credit themselves with themselves thousands of dollars of prison currency.   The prisoners then used the... Read more
Hackers Patience Nets Almost $1m In Cyber Russian Bank Raid 
MoneyTakers, the infamous hacking group gained access to the bank funds through a single, outdated router. News has emerged that a professional cyber hacker group managed to steal almost $US 1,000,000 from a Russian bank earlier this month after the thieves gained access to the financial institution‚Äôs internal networks by using a router that had not been updated... Read more
Cryptowallet Counterfeits Steal Consumers’ Coins
With the hype, effort, and energy that constantly swirl around cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder that a wide variety of scams have surfaced along with it. Thanks to tactics like hoaxes, cryptojacking, and outright theft of coins, investors have more work to do than ever to ensure that they’re actually... Read more
Cryptojacking A Bigger Threat Than Ransomware
Cryptojacking to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is about to surpass ransomware as the most common cyberactivity for financial gain. For the last couple of years, ransomware attacks have been on the rise, for a variety of reasons. First, they’re fairly simple to pull off; even better, they’re easy to... Read more
Hackers Could Soon Be Using Brain Waves To Steal Passwords 
As the pace of technology quickens, new research shows that specialized headsets that utilize brainwaves will need better security to stop hackers from stealing passwords and other sensitive information.  A new study by researchers from the University of Alabama has revealed that Electroencephalograph brainwave sensing headsets, or EEG headsets for short, will need... Read more
Fake Wifi: Hacking Made Easy
A new warning has been issued for hotel guests using public Wi-Fi connections. Most people tend to the think of cyberattacks, data breaches, and hacking as the work of highly-skilled, dark web-style operatives. The reality, though, is not quite so skilled. Not only are sophisticated tools available for sale... Read more
Low-Level Hacktivist Gets 20 Months In Jail For DDoS Attacks
In a world of highly-skilled white hat hackers, hacktivists, and outright cybercriminals, it can be hard to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. When even the most well-intentioned individual wreaks havoc and potentially causes physical harm, there’s no room for vigilantes. Randall Charles Tucker,... Read more
Bitcoin Takes Dramatic Price Hit In Aftermath Of Coinrail Exchange Hack
Hackers make off with over $40,000,000 and Bitcoin has once again made the news for all the wrong reasons. The news is also ironic, as it was other currencies and tokens that were stolen, and no bitcoin itself that was taken. The price of world’s most famous virtual coin... Read more
Is Tech Making Politics More Secure, Or Less?
Growing global concerns over the security and integrity of elections raises questions about the future of technology in politics. Another day, another headline, another speculation about foreign state-sponsored interference in the last US presidential election. But before the saga can weigh on you any further, take heart in this... Read more
Russians May Have Hacked Hundreds Of Thousands of Routers Worldwide
Reset your router and download updates now, urges FBI. The FBI has warned that Russian computer hackers are responsible for a global malware scheme that may have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and could be harvesting massive amounts user information. The malware could also even... Read more