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How to Reverse an Audio Clip in Adobe Audition
Ever since someone realised you could manually spin a vinyl record the wrong way, people have been experimenting with playing sound backwards. The Beatles did it to great effect using reverse tape effects on Sergeant Pepper, and some bands tried mind control by hiding hidden messages via phonetic reversal... Read more
How to Eliminate Background Noise in Adobe Audition
No matter how good your recording set up is, you will always find some element of background noise. Either the distant hum of a neighbours air conditioning unit, static caused by radio interference or more often than not the fan on your own PC. Or have you a digital... Read more
Acoustic Levitation: Surfing Objects on Sound Waves
Scientists have been looking for effective ways to levitate objects for decades. Several methods exist nowadays, such as magnetism and light, electrostatic fields or sound waves, but they all have their own drawbacks. Acoustic levitation has generally been the preferred method, as unlike its counterparts, it can float larger... Read more