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Fedora Releases New Linux Operating System For Raspberry Pi
Fedora have announced the release of their new Pidora 18 operating system based on their popular Fedora 18 Linux operating system, giving Raspberry Pi users another choice when it comes to operating systems. This new “remix” OS has been optimised for the Pi’s ARMv6 architecture and includes packages from... Read more
Microsoft Office For Linux Could Arrive In 2014
The Linux operating system has made huge inroads over the last two decades. Now it looks like Microsoft might finally be realizing the sales potential of the open source system. According to a source at ExtremeTech the software giant is evaluating the potential of Microsoft Office for Linux. If the rumor... Read more
Is Linux No More?

Is Linux No More?

News October 2, 2012

Not everyone owns a computer with a Linux desktop, but those who do love what they have. Linux has a reputation for better performance and since their operating system is smaller, things seem to move at a better pace. Linux applications are always controlled and most errors associated with... Read more